Turn Any Slide Presentation into an Interactive Video

January 5, 2022

If you use Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT), Keynote or Google Slides, you can turn any of your presentations into an interactive video with 3 easy steps.

Why? Interactive video makes remote learning and training far more engaging and productive. Interactive video can turn your standard sales presentation into a compelling lead generation machine. And delivering interactive video after a webinar, event or presentation makes your audience members more direct and thoughtful participants.

The good news is it’s really, really simple to turn any presentation into an interactive video experience with Mindstamp.

STEP 1: Save the presentation as a video and upload to Mindstamp.

With Microsoft PowerPoint and MacOS Keynote you can Export any slide presentation as a video. And you can always download a Google Slides presentation as a PowerPoint and then export it. You can configure how rapidly the video progresses through the slides when you export it and use animations to maximize the impact of your content.

We recommend exporting your presentations to MP4 format when working from PowerPoint and converting your videos from .MOV when exporting from Keynote.

You can then add the video to Mindstamp and immediately begin adding interactions with just a few clicks!

STEP 2: Add questions, comments, buttons, hotspots, video clips and more

In Mindstamp, it’s easy to add any number of interactions to your video with just a few clicks, including:

  • Questions - From free form and multiple choice to drop-down lists, drawing responses and video/voice responses, you can actively engage viewers around the content from your presentation to assess comprehension, ensure compliance or gather more insight.
  • Comments - Simple comments can replace a verbal narrative and allow viewers to watch (even with video off) and truly understand your perspective on the content.
  • Buttons - Drive viewers to learn more about a topic or take action with buttons.
  • Hotspots - Draw attention to a specific section of your slides with labels or add voice or video clips to deliver more content.

Depending on your product tier, you can change interaction styles including button format, colors and fonts to match the interactive video experience to your slides!

STEP 3: Share and Report

You can easily share Mindstamp videos with a simple link, or embed the interactive video in your website, blog, eCommerce site, landing page or wherever you want to present your content. We record every play and provide detailed analytics about how long your viewers watched the video and all of their video interactions in easy to download reports.

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