How Mindstamp Is Making Interactive Training Videos More Accessible

March 29, 2022

High-impact, interactive, and engaging video training has been available to some corporations for many years, however it's expensive, hard to produce, and can quickly become stale if the content isn’t being consistently updated. Smaller businesses that can not afford or invest in this technology become trapped in the same cycle of reusing dated and unengaging content.

Effective training relies on technology that integrates play, encourages a growth mindset, and enables autonomous learning— this can all be achieved through interactive video. 

How can Mindstamp help make interactive training more accessible?

With Mindstamp, we're making the technology needed to create accessible interactive training videos. Instead of requiring expensive technology, you can create interactive videos using basic equipment such as your phone or a cheap camera. You can then upload your mp4 link, direct file, vimeo link and youtube link to Mindstamp’s interactive video platform to layer engaging interactivity on top. 

By taking your pre-recorded video and adding interactive elements such as buttons, questions, hotspots and more, you’re able to easily (and affordably) create interactive content that keeps your audience engaged. Mindstamp even offers personalization elements such as branching, conditional logic and dynamic personalized navigation to give your audience a more customized experience.

Is this form of training effective?

Interactive video can be an easy and effective solution for those who are looking for a more engaging online training experience. Adding interactive elements like questions, hotspots, and media clips throughout your training videos can increase employee engagement and ensure that they're retaining the information more effectively.

Typically, most training videos we’re used to seeing have a long quiz at the end to test the trainee’s knowledge and understanding of the content. Based on our experience, we’ve seen a noticeably higher percentage of questions answered correctly and increased participation scores when questions and interactive elements are stitched throughout the training video compared to one big, over-encompassing quiz at the end.

It's time to embrace an innovative approach to training that is interactive, proven to be more effective, and much more engaging for employees.

Want to learn more? 

Mindstamp expert, Brett Lindenberg, joined Jon Skattum’s interview series jonTalk to discuss the future of training with Motive Learning co-founder Karla Roberts— Check out the following video to hear his thoughts on how Mindstamp is making interactive video more accessible and effective for employers.

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