Winning Viewer Attention in a Video-Rich World

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Video is increasingly the dominant format for sales, marketing, communications and training. The pure density of video content has increased competition for viewer attention. This means your videos must be as efficient as possible in achieving the desired outcome, or you’re bound to lose viewer interest. Attention spans are short and there is more content just a click away. Keeping the eyeballs you’ve worked hard to obtain is critical to maximizing the impact of your video investment. 

For many common sales and marketing uses of video, success is defined in one of two ways:

  1. Did the viewer take the action you wanted?
  2. Were you able to collect information from your viewer in a manner that helps you progress them through your marketing or sales funnel?

Interactive video is specifically designed to drive those outcomes. The result is that interactive videos close more leads and sell more products.

It’s easy to get started with interactive video.

For driving viewer actions, you can augment your videos with buttons, hotspots, clickable links and clickable images that capture intent at the moment it is most relevant and in demand. For instance, if your goal is to get your viewer to schedule a personalized product demo, you want to capture that intent at the moment the feature you are currently presenting is most compelling. Adding these interactions is as simple as drag and drop. With a few clicks your video has an action-forward interaction that viewers find uniquely compelling to engage with.

For capturing information, this can be done by simply tracking how your viewer interacts with the video and enriching your CRM records with that insight (for instance features they explored further), or by using questions to directly solicit feedback at an appropriate time during the video.

When you’re ready to go further, interactive video makes it simple to truly ‘wow’ your viewers with content that feels uniquely positioned to their interests.

Make it Personalized - To keep a viewer’s attention, use what you know about them - their name, company, previously purchased services - to modify the content appropriately. People sit up and pay attention when they are directly and personally addressed. Add personalized text to call out the viewer by name, swap in images specific to the viewer and change questions to tailor the experience to the specific viewer.

Make it Dynamic - Allow your viewer to ‘choose their own adventure’ through searchable and navigable transcripts, chapters, and interactions that easily change time and allow viewers to go back and forth to the topics they care about the most.

With a little creativity, your interactive videos will stand out In a crowded video content space. Getting the best action or the best insight from your viewer is critical to video marketing success. Interactive video makes it possible. Mindstamp makes it easy.

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