What can AI do for Interactive Video?

Warning: This post was not written by ChatGPT. Original content ahead!

As everyone waits for the dust to settle on what happened over with Sam Altman and the OpenAI Board of Directors, the Mindstamp team remains hard at work integrating AI into our interactive video platform in the ways that matter most to our users.

We’re confident that Mindstamp’s product is the best in the industry at turning static, one-way videos into interactive experiences that drive customer leads and engagement, increase learning, close more sales and excite viewers.

With those goals in mind, our focus is on adding AI into interactive videos in three ways:

First, we are using AI to make it easy to create interactive videos

Our existing integration with Synthesia makes it easy to pull AI-generated avatar videos directly into your Mindstamp account in order to then add interactions throughout the viewer experience. 

With just a script, the combination of Synthesia and Mindstamp makes it simple to create interactive sales, marketing, product overview, educational and training videos that are compelling and powerful.

Next, we utilize AI to make the experience more engaging.

We just announced our AI video questions functionality which does all the heavy lifting of creating a new question-based interactive video for you. By running your transcript through the underlying AI, our system auto-generates a set of questions that are relevant to your content and recommends answers and where to place each question for maximum impact. 

If you’re creating training videos, the work to add viewer-engaging questions and confirmations throughout the video is now done for you. Just load the video, click to create the questions, choose which ones you want to add to your video, and publish!

Finally, we use AI to drive understanding and retention.

We added Genie into the Mindstamp editor, a large language model (LLM) add-on that automatically parses your video’s transcript such that your viewers can ask questions directly in the video and get immediate, detailed answers including links to relevant content within the video itself. 

You can increase the depth of knowledge of Genie by adding even more content yourself into the AI configuration for the video, which means you can keep data, insights and relevant information current without changing the core video content itself. 

- - - 

You can be assured that Mindstamp will continue to lead the industry on applying artificial intelligence solutions to interactive video in a manner that makes your job easier in creating the videos, and makes your viewers’ experience that much more rich and delightful.

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