Top Interactive Video Question Types in 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, we're excited to share a few insights about the interactive video space and the trends we're seeing here at Mindstamp. 

Today we're diving into all things Questions, including most popular types and how they are used across different industries.

This is the first installment of a three part series we'll release over the coming days.

What are Questions? 

One of the core components of interactive video is the Question interaction. Questions allow you to pause the video and engage the viewer by asking a question that requires a response.

How are Questions used in Interactive Video?

In training and education, questions are used to measure knowledge, verify comprehension, and gather feedback from the learner. When used for sales or marketing purposes, questions are useful for gathering information from a viewer such as their consumer preferences or information related to their current needs.

What types of Questions are available?

Mindstamp offers 13 distinct question types, including:

Free Response: Open-ended question where the viewer can respond with any answer they wish in a text-based format.

Multiple Choice: Classic multiple choice question with up to 5 answers to choose from, presented in button form.

Choose From List: Like a multiple choice question, but with unlimited answers to choose from, presented in a dropdown, searchable list instead of answer buttons. An example of this would be asking what country somebody lives in, where 195 possible answers exist.

Number Response: Free response, but the answer must be a number! For example, you may ask "How many siblings do you have?" and expect a number response.

Choose All That Apply: A multiple choice question, but where multiple answers can be selected. Very common in education where the instructor wants to see that the learner can apply granular learning to topics. 

Drawing Response: Require the viewer to circle, point to, or highlight something on screen with in-video drawing tools. Useful for safety training and other types of visually engaging learning.

Date Response: Free response, but the answer must be a date. For example, you would use this question type when asking for somebody's birthday.

Video Response: The viewer must record or upload a short video in response to the question. Very common in customer-service training videos, where the instructor wants to see and hear how the learner will respond rather than analyzing a simple text-based answer. 

Voice Response: Similar to video response, but only requiring voice. Popular in language-learning environments or call-center training where pronunciation and inflection is critical.

Image Response: Upload an image in response to the question. Used primarily in the education context, where students will draw or graph a problem, and upload an image for instructor review.

Rating 1-5: Allows a viewer to rate something using 1-5 stars. Common for internal communications and customer feedback gathering!

Likert Scale: Gauges viewer satisfaction levels by asking a traditional Likert Question.

Poll: A multiple choice question, but with the aggregate results shown after answering.

What are the most popular Question types?

Here's the frequency breakdown of the different questions asked on Mindstamp in 2023: 

As you can see, Multiple Choice and Free Response questions are the most popular, accounting for 81% of all questions asked on Mindstamp in 2023.

These results are not particularly surprising. In training and education, instructors frequently like to ask knowledge-verifying questions in multiple choice format, where the viewer can choose from one of the predetermined answers. 

Conversely, Free Response questions allow for the viewer to answer completely from scratch, foregoing any semblance of a hint that might be offered by the answer options presented in multiple choice format.

Number response comes in at third place, accounting for 6% of total questions asked in 2023. This was slightly surprising to our team, since we don't get as many questions about this question type as the others. It must just be so simple and effective that nobody needs help!

Choose from List, described above as a multiple choice question with unlimited answers presented in a searchable list rather than buttons, comes in fourth by representing 5% of all questions in 2023. As interactive video expands within the marketing space, we expect to see more of these questions asked as they serve great purpose in gathering viewer information compared to more limited question types.

The final 7% of questions fall under the Other category, comprised of the 9 remaining question types. The leading Other question type was Rating Response, used to get a 1-5 star rating from the viewer. 

How will Questions change in 2024?

We expect the top question frequencies to primarily remain the same next year. Free Response and Multiple Choice questions are timeless, classic knowledge measurement tools that are not going away anytime soon. 

We expect the more niche question types, such as video response and drawing response, to gain greater market share as more industries come online and employ unique training methods.

Overall, we anticipate that all question types will see increased volume in 2024, as the interactive video space continues to expand and enrich training, education, marketing, and communications across the board.

How can I add Questions to my video?

Mindstamp makes it easy to turn any video into an interactive quiz in seconds. Whether you want to use our AI-based question builder or create your own questions, you'll find all the tools you need to verify video comprehension on Mindstamp.

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