The Power of Mindstamp Interactive Video and Contextual AI Orchestration

July 2, 2024

Interactive Video and AI continue to prove how powerful the combination of video content is in a world where GPTs can generate endless text. Video remains one of the most effective tools for both training and marketing, and AI integrations like we have at Mindstamp including GenieAI create entirely new mechanisms for your viewers to interact with your video content.

AI can also play a role in helping you, the video creator, get as much insight and benefit from every view of your video as well. In this post, we’ll explore an integration between Mindstamp and, an AI Orchestration platform, for extracting more insight from the free form feedback viewers provide or questions they ask while watching a Mindstamp interactive video.

Interactive Video with Free Response Question

One of the standard features available in any Mindstamp plan is the ability to ask any range of  questions, from multiple choice to Likert Scale and everything in between. In fact you can even use an AI analysis of your video to recommend questions at appropriate times within your video.

With a free response question type, your viewers can type anything directly into the video prompt. This could be automatically triggered at a certain point in the video, appear in response to a button click, or be presented based on conditional logic.

Contextual Integration via Webhook

Leveraging an interaction webhook, the details of the question asked by the viewer are sent into a HTTP endpoint on Contextual built in the Contextual flow editor. This then creates a record of the question in preparation for further AI analysis.

RapidAPI AI Categorization Analysis

As an AI Orchestration platform, Contextual makes it easy to connect to any number of AI services. In this case, the lead is further passed along to a service called RapidAPI Classify. This is a custom LLM endpoint specifically trained to provide classification responses based on the prompt you provide it. For instance, free form questions in this example are categorized and recorded as relating to product question, sales, support, partnership or legal questions. 

The AI’s classification is then recorded alongside the original viewer question.

Further Routing

As a final step, the viewer question could be routed to another enterprise system to create a task, alert a concerned party, or trigger a follow-up. This could be integrated within a CRM or Support system or pushed via direct notification. Of course if we also captured lead information we could use AI to automate a response to the viewer directly.

The combination of Mindstamp’s interactive video power and AI orchestration using Contextual creates another layer of potential for how to engage viewers and derive more value from every view of every video you have. Want to learn more? Contact Mindstamp or Contextual directly.

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