Integrating Interactive Video in HubSpot Marketing Workflows

January 5, 2022

Video is a critical part of any online marketing campaign, including inbound marketing using HubSpot. With Mindstamp, you can directly integrate your interactive videos into your HubSpot landing pages, pull information from your HubSpot contact and company records into those videos dynamically to make them customized, personalized and dynamic video experiences, deliver near real-time updates back into HubSpot timeline events based on how your viewers interact with your videos, and drive actions from within HubSpot based on the insight you gain. 

4 Tips for using HubSpot and Mindstamp to maximize your marketing strategy

To maximize the power of Mindstamp + HubSpot in your marketing workflow, follow these simple tips:

1. Make Your Videos Personalized:

Use Mindstamp’s powerful variable replacement to dynamically change the content you show in your interactive videos based on data you either already have captured in HubSpot or will capture as part of an interaction in the video itself.

2. Integrate Mindstamp Videos into your HubSpot Landing Pages:

Using Mindstamp’s simple embed code, you can integrate the Mindstamp video directly into your HubSpot landing page and also extract information from HubSpot’s Contact and Company records to drive the personalization above.

3. Connect Mindstamp to HubSpot to Update Timeline Events:

With Mindstamp’s HubSpot integration, you can easily connect all view and interaction elements from Mindstamp into HubSpot. Every button clicked or question answered can appear in your HubSpot record.

4. Use Mindstamp Actions to Drive Workflows:

With the details from the viewers engagement with your interactive video synced to HubSpot, you can drive the next best action in HubSpot by triggering workflows.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Mindstamp + HubSpot can optimize your engagement marketing through interactive video, don’t hesitate to schedule a demo.

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