Mindstamp + Constant Contact: Charge Your Email Marketing

Thursday, April 14, 2022

With our recent announcement that Mindstamp now integrates directly to Constant Contact via the Constant Contact API, we’re further changing the game for how you can use video - specifically interactive video - in your email marketing.

Video remains one of the most powerful content tools for engaging your audience, regardless of where they are in your sales and marketing funnel. From company introductions to detailed product walkthroughs, video can help your prospects, leads or existing customers better understand your critical differentiators, key value proposition or new features and capabilities. And since videos in email can increase open rates by 19% and boost click through rates by as much as 65%, it makes sense that video is a core part of your email marketing strategy.

If you use Constant Contact to drive your email marketing, Mindstamp makes it possible to leverage interactive video in your campaigns to drive even more email marketing success. Here are 3 easy ways that interactive video can make you more effective, efficient and in control.

  1. Personalize Video Content via Constant Contact Lead Information - When linked into your Constant Contact email marketing campaigns, Mindstamp interactive videos can ‘receive’ personalized information about your leads or contacts from the Constant Contact record and use that information to personalize the video itself. So your viewer will click through into a video that has been specifically tailored to them. This can include basic contact information like name or company name being displayed in the video to welcome the viewer, or include detailed information about sales history or previous interactions. With that information you can use Mindstamp variables and personalization to change text in buttons, questions, comments or to dynamically decide if an interactive element displays at all.

  1. Update Lead or Contact Information Based on Interactive Video - Using the Constant Contact API, Mindstamp can capture the actions your viewers take in the interactive video and then update those directly to the Contact Contact Lead or Contact record. For instance, if you wanted to record that a customer has successfully answered 100% of the questions you have in your onboarding flow, Mindstamp can directly modify those fields on your Constant Contact records. You can then create lists or segments based on those properties to drive follow on actions or communications.

  1. Automatically Trigger Email Workflows for Prospects - In addition to updating Constant Contact properties based on how your viewers interact with your Mindstamp interactive videos, the Constant Contact API integration allows Mindstamp to directly add Contacts to a specific list which will then trigger the contact to receive the next / most appropriate email in your marketing campaign. You can configure Mindstamp to only add viewers to a given list based on specific behaviors, actions or responses in your interactive video. For instance, if your viewer clicked a specific button or hotspot to learn more about a product feature, Mindstamp could add that viewer to the appropriate list for automated follow up on that topic.

With Mindstamp and Constant Contact, your email marketing can come alive with personalized, responsive and real-time interactive video that drives opens, clicks and engagement to the next level.

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