How to Make Your Videos Stand Out in the Age of AI-Assisted Content Generation

June 12, 2024

Warning: This post was not written by ChatGPT. Original content ahead!

It’s pretty amazing how much content AI can generate these days. If you have a prompt, AI can generate the script. If you have the script, AI companies like Synthesia can generate the video content. This newfound accessibility has led to a volume surge of content available, making it challenging to ensure your videos stand out in a sea of competition. So, how can you possibly make your content unique and engaging? The answer lies in interactive video. 

Interactive video transforms any video content into an engaging experience, helping you immediately differentiate yourself from the overwhelming mass of generic videos competing for your viewers' attention. Here are three simple ways you can leverage interactivity to make your content shine.

Branching: Dynamic Video Navigation

If you have the ability to create effectively unlimited videos, how do you ensure your viewers get to the content they need to see to learn more, make a buying decision, or move down your sales funnel? The answer is video branching. By connecting shorter, more explicit, and more focused videos through branching, you can empower your viewers to choose the content and topics they care most about. From learning more about your products to discovering how your organization works, branching videos allow any viewer to feel empowered to learn more and engaged in the flow of information you want to share.

Questions: Engage and Educate

Nothing is more satisfying than answering a question and being reassured that you got the answer right. Humans are wired to seek ‘correctness,’ and interactive video questions tap into this fundamental behavior we all share. Whether you’re providing some easy questions that everyone can get right or challenging viewers with more difficult queries, viewers presented with questions during a video become more engaged and focused, feeling a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

Protected Content: Incentivize Interaction

People love a treasure hunt, and you can tap into this by using hotspots to hide content behind viewer actions. With Mindstamp’s hotspots, you can make parts of your video or downloadable files accessible only after viewers perform certain actions. This added layer of gamification to your videos makes the experience more enjoyable and encourages repeat engagement.

Just check out this customer example that uses the magic of hotspots to create a fun and engaging game of Whodunnit:

Conclusion: Stand Out with Interactive Video

In a time where AI-assisted content is flooding our inboxes and timelines, making your videos stand out is more crucial than ever. Interactivity offers a unique edge to your videos that not only differentiates your content but also helps create meaningful and engaging experiences for your viewers. Whether through branching, interactive questions, or protected content, these elements can help you capture and maintain your audience's attention in a crowded digital landscape.

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