How to Add Interactive Questions to Any Video

December 15, 2020

There may be any number of reasons you want to add questions to your videos, including:

  • Collecting viewer information as part of sales or marketing
  • Gathering feedback or recommendations based on your content
  • Creating interactive video training or education experiences
  • Confirming viewer comprehension of topics
  • Creating a video quiz for your viewers
  • Allowing viewers to answer questions during your video and then share a score based on their results
  • Presenting video questions as a mechanism for viewers to choose what they see next
  • Capturing viewer responses for use later in the video or to drive additional CRM or marketing actions

Depending on your objective, you might be best served adding multiple choice, free form response, drop-down select, voice / video or drawing response questions.

Adding a question to a video is simple on Mindstamp. Once your video is loaded just click the ‘Add Question’ button, choose the question type and fill out the required fields. Questions can be skippable and grouped together to create question sets.

To learn more about adding questions to a video with Mindstamp, read up on the questions feature here or watch the instructional video below:

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