Generative AI and Interactive Video

June 20, 2023
The future of content creation and interactivity is heating up.

One of Mindstamp’s partners, Sythesia, just announced an unbelievable $90M investment round putting the company firmly into unicorn territory.

Synthesia Official Pricing | From $30 per Month

We expect this investment will further accelerate technology that makes it easier for any creator to conceptualize, script and create video content that communicates their message, represents their brand, and ultimately sells their product. 

To see how powerful AI generated video has become, take a look at these examples:

With the avalanche of cash flowing into generative AI these days, it’s worth taking a step back and thinking about how video actually impacts sales, marketing and training. As the creation of video becomes simpler - meaning less time consuming, less expensive and less differentiated - it will be even more important to differentiate all video content to stand out.

The best visuals, creative storytelling or characters may achieve this, but it will be harder and harder to differentiate with content alone.

This is where we believe interactive video platforms like Minsdtamp will be a critical differentiator in the future of video content. Why?

Engagement - People stop watching video content about 20% in. It’s as simple as that. If you want them to pay attention, you have to give them a prompt within that time to trigger a response. That response then reminds them that they are an active participant in this content and keeps their attention.

Personalization  - With a gazillion videos available….the fundamental reality is people want to hear their own name. Dynamically modify content to speak to each viewer and you’ll keep them engaged and interested.

Action - If you have anything you want a viewer to do…from submitting a form to downloading a white paper - doing it in a video will change their response to your offer. Because viewers don’t expect it, they are deeply engaged as soon as the action appears in the video.

If you’re excited about AI video, you need to be as excited about interactive video. Take a moment to get a live demo or sign up to start using it today.

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