Creating Personalized Video Experiences That Drive Action

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Personalization is so powerful that 80% of consumers said they are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides personalized experiences. With 68% of consumers preferring to watch videos to learn about new products or services, video marketing is a great way to incorporate personalization that drives action.

A personalized video experience shows the viewer that your video isn’t just another piece of generic content, but that it was made specifically for them. You can make your video feel unique by introducing your viewers by name or by including messages throughout your video that reflect their exact challenges and needs, to name a few. These types of personalization will increase engagement, build trust, and enhance brand loyalty by gaining insight into your consumer’s needs

In this blog, we will discuss the different ways to create personalized video experiences using demographics and rules-based personalization and discuss how you can use Mindstamp’s interactive video features to easily add personalization to your existing videos.

Demographics-Based vs Rules-Based Personalization

Demographics-Based Personalization

Demographics-based personalization incorporates personalized features such as the viewer’s name, profile picture, or company logo directly in the video, therefore creating a customized video for each viewer. Personalization tactics like this keep your viewers' attention since they know the video was tailored specifically to them. 

Text-Based Personalization

This method of personalization involves inserting details of your viewer's specific information directly within the video’s messaging. Text-based personalized interactions can either be captured at the start of the video or passed in via URL and can include anything from a person’s name to a certain challenge they may be facing. 

For example, to start off your video you might ask for their name using Mindstamp’s question feature (or use data gathered from previous interactions synced to your CRM), and then create comments throughout the video that addresses them by name. That way you can instantly grab their attention, create unique messaging specific to them, and humanize your interactions.

Check out the video below to see how text-based personalization may look in your video using Mindstamp:

Rules-based personalization 

Using technology to provide your viewers with relevant information they are actually interested in is known as rules-based personalization. This form of personalization follows logic-based rules and is triggered by the action your viewers choose to take in your video. 

Here’s how you can add rules-based personalization to your videos: 

Creating a Dynamic Experience

By leveraging dynamic personalization, you can gather information about your viewers directly within your videos so that you can display content that matches their interests, thereby enhancing their video experience. Similar to a “choose your own adventure” capability, you can use Mindstamp’s interactive video platform to allow your viewers to decide the direction of their viewing experience.

For example, if you ask your viewer whether they are more interested in learning about sales or marketing, the video will automatically jump to the appropriate time in the video — or even a completely different video— based on their answer. This type of dynamic personalized navigation ensures your viewers are always seeing relevant content that’s customized to their unique needs. Here’s a quick example of what that might look like in Mindstamp:


Check out this tutorial on how to easily create dynamic video experiences with Mindstamp’s interactive video platform. 

Using Conditional Logic

Conditional logic, or sometimes called "branching" is the idea that you can set conditions that display or change the content within your video based on the actions and information you’ve gathered from your viewers throughout the video. This logic uses personalized and dynamic variables to add links and navigation tied to the viewer’s actions and relies on the “IF/THEN” statement to determine the direction of the video.

For example, using the Mindstamp question feature, you can ask each viewer what 2+2 equals. IF a viewer answers that 2+2 equals 2, THEN the “Get math help” button will be shown. When clicked, that interactive button will take them to a website that offers math help. On the other hand, IF a viewer answers that 2+2 equals 4, THEN a different message or CTA would display since the “Get math help” would not apply to them.

By using conditional logic, you can ensure your videos only display information that is relevant to the viewer, making your videos a valuable resource to a wide audience.

Using Data Collection to Determine Future Messaging

Your customer’s personalized user experience does not need to end with the video they are currently watching. Mindstamp offers various CRM integrations where you can easily gather contact data and user insights form your videos and other business interactions, and then sync and share the data between the two platforms. This back-and-forth connection allows you to continuously collect and utilize data so that you can create even more personalization and nurturing opportunities in future outreach, resulting in a more effective and targeted marketing strategy.


Personalized videos can be created through demographic-based and rules-based variables, both creating a targeted video experience for your viewer. Demographic-based personalization lets your viewers experience a video made specifically for them. Rules-based personalization lets users customize their own watching experience based on parameters set within your video. It’s important to note that all of the data collected within your Mindstamp videos can be used to continue to provide engaging interactive content for future videos and nurturing campaigns. With all of the benefits that personalized experiences provide, it’s essential to consider implementing customized videos into your marketing strategy to maximize video engagement and create targeted videos that convert.

To learn more about adding personalized features to your video using Mindstamp, schedule a free demo or visit our website to learn more.

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