A/B Test Your Videos With Mindstamp & Google Optimize

March 29, 2022

Testing and measurement are two of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign. If you don’t understand what’s working versus what’s not, you’ll never be able to adjust your marketing to make it better. To accurately measure your sales funnel and marketing campaign, you need to collect data directly from your customers. Just the thought of testing and collecting data can be intimidating, especially if you aren’t sure where to start. A/B testing is a great way to easily collect data to drive your marketing decisions. 

A/B testing allows you to compare two different versions of your marketing assets to determine better performance based on customer data. This is a great way to know what words, phrases, designs, images, videos, testimonials, and other elements work best with your target audience.  This information can be used to identify an individual user’s behavior, understand their pain points, or better understand how they consider new features and page redesigns. With A/B testing, your company can improve the user experience and increase conversion rates by giving you the information you need to make data-driven decisions. In fact, using correct targeting and testing methods and tools can boost conversion rates up to 300%. 

One of the easiest ways to implement A/B testing into your next marketing campaign is with Google Optimize. Google Optimize is an online split-testing tool that lets you experiment with different ways of delivering your content using a plug-in that integrates directly with your website. A/B testing with Google Optimize can help teams identify which changes affected their visitors' behavior and which ones did not. Once enough data has been collected, companies can use it to give themselves a competitive advantage since they no longer rely on instinct and opinion to make critical decisions.

How can I use Mindstamp to implement A/B testing?

In the past, A/B testing has primarily focused on assets such as webpages and email marketing; however, new forms of content such as interactive video are changing how companies collect user data to enhance cross-channel campaigns. 

Mindstamp is an interactive video platform that allows users to add interactive features to their videos to create a more engaging, personalized experience. The same way you use Google Optimize on your website, Mindstamp users can also use it on their videos to show dynamic, customized content. Mindstamp’s various features such as buttons, hotspots, questions, and more can be used as variables in your next A/B test

Here are some questions you can answer by implementing A/B testing with Mindstamp’s interactive features: 

  1. Which CTA will drive the most action on my video? A call-to-action is a critical part of any video since they are the main driving force for getting viewers to not just watch your video, but actually interact with your brand. For example, you may want to test the copy of your button and compare “Shop Now” versus “Buy Now” to see if one resonates with your audience more than the other.

  2. Does the color of my subscribe button matter? While the color of your buttons may feel like an insignificant detail, studies have shown that while there isn’t one color that converts better than another, it’s still an important factor to consider when designing your videos. Will a red or blue button perform better on your most recent Mindstamp video?

  3. If my video includes closed captions, will it perform better? Closed captions provide many benefits other than making your videos more accessible. When closed captions are available, there’s an 80% increased likelihood that a viewer will watch a video to completion. However, closed captions aren’t necessarily for every video and A/B testing will allow you to decide if your audience is more engaged and compare your video completion rates.

  4. Does having a dynamic personalized navigation drive more user engagement on my video? Dynamic personalized navigation allows you to create a customized video watching experience based on the content your viewers are most interested in seeing. Compare user engagement rates on videos with personalized navigation versus a video that offers a more traditional viewing experience.

With Mindstamp’s conditional logic, you can easily create individual variations for each of the elements mentioned above and present each variation as part of A/B testing. Mindstamp's analytics and reporting will quickly relate an outcome to the variant the viewer experienced. You can then compare your Mindstamp analytics with interactions with your brand such as conversions or form submissions to see which variation should be used in videos moving forward. Another option is to create two Mindstamp videos for each testing element and compare the results using Mindstamp’s analytics reports. Once your results are statistically valid, your company can further refine the individual test, establish a new trial, or drive all the traffic to the best-performing version of the interactive video.

Tying it all together

With 58% of marketers using A/B testing as a conversion rate optimization method, it’s clear that this form of testing should be prioritized in all aspects of marketing campaigns, including video. By combining the most simple interactive video solution with a robust data tool like Google Optimize, you’re able to take your interactive videos to the next level by creating an even more personalized experience for your audience. You’ll gain extensive data on customers that will allow you to form insights and adjust your content and increase conversion rates.

Mindstamp’s interactive video platform allows you to implement A/B testing and elevate your content to its full potential. Click here to get a demo of Mindstamp and see how it can enhance your business. Or start your free trial today to start converting more leads with your videos!

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