Use Interactive Video to Enhance Marketing on a Budget

January 5, 2022

 Marketing budgets are always under pressure. New campaigns have to justify the required investment, sometimes without enough data to move beyond solid instinct. This is where interactive video can dramatically enhance the data you have, the number of marketing experiments you can run, and the breadth of hooks you can bait to achieve your designed outcomes.

Here are 5 tips for how #InteractiveVIdeo can help you achieve more within a tight marketing budget, dramatically differentiate your offerings vs. competitors, and learn more from every view.

1. Use A/B Testing Within Video Interactions to Optimize Results

With Mindstamp, you can easily create variations of interactions across multiple versions of a single video, or even within your video itself. Try different call-to-action (CTA) button text, design and placement. Add images or multi-media to provide additional detail and compel the next best action. Change up questions to see how best to gather insight from your audience. With just a few clicks, the same video marketing asset you paid for once can turn into an unlimited number of video variations, giving you exceptional scale.

2. Refresh Old Content With Interactivity

Even if you don’t have the budget to create fresh video content, interactive video can be layered into pre-existing content to dramatically enhance viewer engagement. Have that old webinar recorded but not sure who would possibly watch a 30 minute video? Break it into a series of 5 minute critical topics and then add questions to find out what your audience cares about to give your sales team fresh and topical leads. Chances are since you originally recorded the webinar even more good content about the topic exists, so you can freshen it up with links to relevant infographics and data.

3. Pre-Test New Content Before You Make It

If you have an idea for a series of videos but aren’t quite ready to spend the money to create the content, start with an overview video and ask your viewers to ‘choose their own adventure’ to find our what they care about most. You can initially link their clicks to secondary content, for instance on your website, but will quickly determine what matters most and where your next best return on investment in new content will come from.


4. Look for Correlations to Drive Behaviors

Mindstamp’s powerful correlation engine makes it possible to determine not only what content and interactions drive the highest response from your viewers, but the relationships between different behaviors. For instance, if a significant portion of your viewers sign up for your free trial after expressing their interest in the security of your technology, you know leading with a message that is strong on security across all of your marketing can maximize results.

5. Interactivity Makes Static Content Engaging

Even if you have no budget for video content, you can take traditionally static content and create engaging experiences through interactive video. Any Microsoft Powerpoint can be exported into an MP4 format and made into a dynamic video experience. Even a series of images, such as infographics, can be easily stitched together into a video asset and then augmented with questions, buttons, hotspots and additional multimedia to make a compelling marketing experience.

With 24% of marketers already planning to use interactive video in 2021, now is the time to use the unique power of video to maximize your marketing results. Regardless of the span of your marketing budget, Mindstamp can make it go further. Contact us today for a personalized demo!

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