5 Powerful Ways to Personalize Your Video Content

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

So how do you prevent viewer fatigue? The answer is easier than you might think....

With interactive video, you’re enabled to make each viewing experience totally unique, so that the viewer feels like it was made just for them. Not only is this likely to increase watch-time, but your desired end call-to-action will feel less like a monotonous “next step” and more like a bespoke, handpicked solution for the person behind the screen. 

Explore below to learn about the top 5 ways to personalize your content with Mindstamp! 

Choose your own Adventure

Perhaps one of the most popular uses for interactivity! Whether you’re creating a tour of a home with buttons that lead to different areas, or creating an educational video about geography that allows viewers to click and travel to different countries, “choose your own adventure” style videos put the viewers in control.

Are you more likely to stick around when you’re in charge of what happens next, or on a traditional, preset, non customizable experience? We all know the answer!

Interactive Menus

With Mindstamp’s ‘Magic Menu’ functionality, you’re able to create an expandable, always accessible “menu” of sorts, that viewers can use to navigate the experience, access additional resources, post questions, schedule time on a calendar, and much, much more.

We can’t think of many videos that wouldn’t benefit from a Magic Menu!

Conversational Video

Want to connect with your viewers on a personal level? A great place to start is by using their name! With Mindstamp’s powerful ‘variables’ feature, you’re able to take any viewer-provided information and reuse it visually throughout your experience. That might look like:

  • A comment that says “Welcome back, {{name}}” in the beginning of a training video
  • Text appearing after an appointment was booked saying “Great! We’ll see you on Tuesday the 25th!”
  • A follow-up question that uses their initial answer in the question, such as “What process did you use to get {{answer}} as an answer?”

Answer Based Branching

Producing training or educational content? Adding answer based branching to your in-video quizzes is a must. Anyone who has ever sat in a classroom or training environment knows that each participant learns in their own unique way, and at their own individual pace.

To accommodate your learners and ensure all pupils understand the information (vs just getting through it because they have to!), you have to personalize!

With Mindstamp, you’re able to have each individual answer choice take its own unique action. That means students who select A will see one result, while B, C, and D will have their own result. Results can range from a positive affirmation for getting a question correct, all the way to a video explaining a concept further or rewinding to the beginning of a segment for a student who answered incorrectly.

Learning doesn’t happen in bulk! Meet the needs of your students and trainees today by delivering tailored, personalized experiences at every step of the way.

Conditional "IF / THEN" Logic

The ability to use IF/THEN Logic, sometimes called “conditional logic,” in your videos is immensely powerful. You can take any input a user has either provided or generated (ie - score on a test, score on an in-video gamified experience), and show or hide future elements based on that same input. Here are some examples:

  • If {{score}} is “less than 70” then “automatically switch to HELP video”
  • If {{opt-in}} equals “True” then “Show Download PDF Button”
  • If {{experience}} is “a number greater than 10yr” then “Show Apply Now Button”

These are only some of the ways that interactivity can turn a boring, traditional video into a supercharged experience that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience - regardless of your use case. 

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Traditional video just doesn’t cut it anymore. Whether you’re producing training content, marketing videos, educational content, or sales materials, expecting viewers to both watch the content and take a desired action afterwards is an increasingly tall order.

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