5 Ideas for Using Interactive Video to Capture Leads (plus 5 more)

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Interactive Video is a powerful tool for driving more value from every view. For your audience, you can use branching, in-video downloads, clickable images and more to ensure they receive the information most relevant to them and stay engaged throughout your video content. By providing that incremental value in your interactive video, you earn the right to ask for value back from your viewers. For marketing or sales videos, this value might come in the form of capturing contact information.

At Mindstamp we call this ‘lead capture’, and there is an example video on this page so you can see one in action. Lead capture can happen throughout an interactive video, which is one of the reasons they are so effective in driving value. Mindstamp supports lead capture at the start, end, a specific time or in response to a specific action by your viewer. Here are ten ideas for when you might use lead capture in your interactive video to drive the best result.

  1. After a viewer has shown interest: When a viewer has engaged with specific sections or interactive elements of the video that indicate their interest, such as clicking on a product or service, it's a suitable moment to ask for their contact information.
  2. Before revealing exclusive content: If the interactive video promises to provide exclusive content or access to special offers, asking for contact information before revealing this content can help businesses capture leads and build a targeted audience based on interests.
  3. During a product demonstration: When showcasing a product's features and benefits, asking viewers to provide their contact information to receive more detailed information or a personalized demo can help convert interested viewers into potential customers.
  4. After a viewer completes a quiz or assessment: If the interactive video includes quizzes or assessments, asking for contact information at the end as part of a registration process can help track results and follow up with viewers for further engagement or feedback.
  5. In exchange for a downloadable resource: If the interactive video offers a downloadable resource, such as an e-book, whitepaper, or guide, requesting contact information in exchange for the resource is the perfect moment to capture leads.
  6. When requesting a consultation or demo: If the interactive video promotes services that require a consultation or demo, asking for contact information at the moment of requesting these personalized sessions can facilitate scheduling and follow-up. You can also drive viewers directly to a demo booking calendar using calendars like Calendly or Hubspot.
  7. Before providing access to a free trial: If the interactive video promotes a free trial of a product or service, requesting contact information before granting access can help businesses nurture leads during the trial period and convert them into paying customers.
  8. When offering exclusive discounts or promotions: If the interactive video includes limited-time offers, asking for contact information to receive exclusive discounts or promotions can encourage viewers to share their details and take advantage of the offer.
  9. When signing up for a newsletter or updates: If the interactive video is part of a broader content marketing strategy, asking for contact information to subscribe to a newsletter or receive regular updates can help businesses build an ongoing relationship with viewers.
  10. At the end of the video as a general contact request: If the interactive video doesn't have a specific moment or call-to-action for contact information, placing a contact form at the end of the video where viewers can provide their details allows businesses to capture leads who are interested in learning more or engaging further.

Mindstamp’s interactive video platform provides features that can support all of the examples above. Once a lead is captured, Mindstamp’s API, interactive webhooks or third party CRM integrations can sync that lead directly into your sales or marketing platform. 

If you’re ready to get more value from every video view, request a demo now and we can show you how to put Mindstamp to work in your business.

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