Turn Viewers Into Buyers With Interactive Product Videos

Thursday, April 14, 2022

The role of video in effective marketing will only continue to accelerate. In 2020, > 85% of businesses began to leverage video as part of their marketing strategy (Hubspot). In 2021, the scope and span of video use will increase as well.

One of the biggest growth areas for video is simple product marketing and product demo videos. Demonstrating a product’s features can be an excellent way to cut straight to the buying decision for your viewers. And while a higher-end brand or awareness video might have the pizazz to keep a viewer’s interest, product marketing videos can sometimes lose the attention of the audience, especially if that audience doesn’t immediately see a feature or capability that matches their interest.

To maximize the chance that you keep the eyeballs and drive a product video viewer into a product buyer, consider:

  1. Make them Interactive - You’ve likely got a lot of information you want to share, but viewers can get quickly overwhelmed with long video content. By adding interactivity to your videos, such as ‘jump out’ video clips that explain more, chapters to allow for easy search and navigation, hotspots that allow the viewer to drill into additional content, or product detail images that can be clicked on to convey more information,
  2. Make them dynamic - Use variables and conditional logic to display product information that’s specific to the viewer’s interests. You can use buttons and hotspots to determine what features are of interest, jump around in the video to convey that information, and then change up future interactions based on their responses. This will feel like a choose-your-own-adventure to your viewers, immersing them in your product video experience.
  3. Use A/B Testing - With Mindstamp and Google Optimize you can quickly create distinct versions of your individual product video. No need to shoot and edit multiple times. Change calls-to-action, buttons, questions, hotspot placement and more and then let the systems optimize against your core objective (for instance clicking the Buy Now button).

With an intelligent, interactive product videos you can maintain audience attention, optimize their actions and maximize sales. Contact Mindstamp for a demo and to learn more

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