June 2023 Newsletter

Introducing the Mindstamp Chrome Extension, Ask ChatGPT, Realtime API Calls, and more!

Happy June! Summer is here and interactive video is heating up 🔥

We're excited to share some recent enhancements to Mindstamp in June:

Mindstamp Chrome Extension

Our new Chrome extension is your ultimate companion for seamlessly integrating videos into your Mindstamp interactive experiences.

As you're browsing the web, our extension will discreetly notify you of the number of eligible videos found on each page, allowing you to focus on curating the perfect content without distractions.

Each thumbnail in the extension's list represents a potential addition to your Mindstamp library. With just a click, you can effortlessly import the chosen video into Mindstamp, expanding the range of interactive possibilities for your projects.

Please note that by importing a video via the Chrome extension, you must acknowledge that you have the rights to use this video. Add the extension to your browser today!

Ask ChatGPT Navigation

Our ChatGPT integration was announced in April and allowed viewers to query ChatGPT from within the video to ask questions or request specific information.

This integration has been enhanced via the new "Ask ChatGPT" navigation action. Now, you can programmatically query ChatGPT with a dynamic prompt and personalize the interactions in the video based on the response.

Imagine you ask a viewer what state they live in. You can then use the new navigation to send that state to ChatGPT and ask for a few fun facts about it, which can be printed on the screen later in the video to create a seamless, personalized experience.

GET / POST click actions

We've long been asked if Mindstamp has the ability to make API calls from within the video, and now it can! The new HTTP POST and GET request actions allow you to hit an endpoint of your choice when an interaction is clicked or via a navigation interaction. 

Consider the scenario where you ask a viewer what city they live in. You can use this new feature to fetch and display the local weather for that city in real time to create a unique experience for them.

Editor Tour

Our job is to help you create amazing, interactive video experiences that drive results. Our new Editor Tour walks you through each part of the editor so that you can quickly become an expert. 

You can click here to experience the tour, or find it by clicking the Help button within the editor, and then clicking Start Tour.

Performance improvements

Our engineering team has spent time this month optimizing every corner of Mindstamp. From video buffering to page loading to image displays, everything loads faster now. This makes a huge difference for your viewers, especially on slower internet connections. We'll continue to improve performance every chance we get!

Enhanced Clip Recording

When recording personalized intro clips, or simply adding video clips to a video, you want the recorded clip to match the style of the base video as closely as possible.

We've enhanced the clip recording functionality of Mindstamp such that the recordings match the exact dimensions of the base video. If the base video is 16:9, the recording will be 16:9, and the same is true for other dimensions. Give it a shot today!


We hope you enjoy these updates! Tune in next month for more exciting enhancements. As always, feel free to get in touch if you have questions about Mindstamp or interactive video in general!