May 2023 Newsletter

Introducing, Personalized Links, Video Intros, Paywall Currencies, oEmbed, and more!

Happy May! We hope you are having a fantastic month and are excited to share some amazing enhancements to the Mindstamp platform with you today.

Announcement: Introducing ⚡️

We're pleased to announce that Mindstamp has moved to our .com domain! 

All existing video links and embed codes will continue to function as expected. Going forward, new links + codes will point to rather than

This is an exciting new chapter in Mindstamp history and we're excited to share it with you! Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns.

New: Personalized Share Links + Video Intros

Variables are one of the most powerful features of Mindstamp, allowing you to set up a "template" interactive experience and then dynamically personalize it with information about the viewer, such as their name, location, or job role.

Our new Personalized Link sharing screen makes this a breeze! Once you've set up your video, you can now fill out the variables and generate a personalized link for individuals. This is perfect for outbound sales targeting, personalized follow ups, brand marketing, and more! 

Take your personalized experiences one step further by recording a short, personalized video intro for the viewer. Intro clips play before the main content and allow you to create a human connection before they engage with your content. 

Variables are available on Core plan and above, while personalized video intros are available on Pro and Enterprise subscriptions.

New: Multi-Currency Paywall Options

Last month, we announced our new Paywall feature, allowing you to collect payment from a viewer at a certain point in the video or at a certain interaction.

We heard your feedback around this incredible feature, and have now expanded it to support 140 currencies! Now, you can collect payment in the currency your audience is most comfortable with to increase conversion rates and make more sales 💰

New: Previous Video Switch Option

When you're creating rich video branching experiences, oftentimes you'll want your viewer to choose a branch, and then return to the video they came from. 

We've made it easier than ever to get back to that video by adding a Switch to Previous Video click action. This is critical if there are multiple entry points into a single video and you want to maintain a consistent experience for the viewer by offering a quick return to the previous step.

New: Multiple Shopify Store Connections

Our powerful in-video shopping cart for Shopify users has been a big hit, allowing viewers to add products to their cart, review, and checkout when they are ready. 

We've listened to the feedback of power users building shoppable videos for their clients who needed more than one store linked to their account. 

Now, you can integrate with multiple Shopify stores and pull products easily! Just choose your store when creating a video to make creating shoppable experiences a breeze.

New: oEmbed Compatibility

oEmbed is a popular embedding service that many Content Management Systems rely on to embed third party content, such as a Mindstamp interactive video. 

We've added a new oEmbed code button to the share page, allowing you to quickly copy a code to drop in your CMS to create responsive, perfectly sized embeds!

Coming Soon: Mindstamp Chrome Extension

We're always looking for ways to make our customers' lives easier, and we've frequently been asked around the best way to get video content from your website into Mindstamp without the hassle of downloading and re-uploading it. 
Our upcoming Chrome Extension will automatically detect compatible video content on a webpage and allow you to import it into Mindstamp in a single click! 

Coming Soon: Enhanced ChatGPT actions

Our new ChatGPT integration has been a hit in the education and training world, and we've gotten some great feedback around how to make it even better. 

Our engineering team is hard at work developing ways for you to leverage this transformative technology with prompts using information from the video, output formatting and restrictions, and in-video presentation of the output that will create even richer experiences for your viewers. 

If you have further ideas around leveraging ChatGPT in your videos, we're all ears!