Mindstamp Case Study: HP Indonesia – Play to Progress Virtual Interactive Launch


In anticipation of an upcoming product launch, the team at HP Indonesia had the challenge of bringing the excitement and engagement of their new gaming devices to a largely housebound audience of gamers, media, and partners during Indonesia's pandemic lockdown. 

Client Launch Objectives 

  • Introduce the new HP gaming series OMEN 16 and Victus by HP to the media in a way that would excite gamers.
  • Create an experience that allows users to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the power of HP’s gaming series from home.
  • Create interest/excitement amongst the media and reviewers to drive positive news coverage around the launch as a way to kick start the campaign.

Mindstamp Solution

HP partnered with Mindstamp, a leading interactive video platform, to help drive engagement and interactivity to the game launch.

Utilizing Mindstamp’s powerful interactive video solution, HP was able to design the launch as a virtual interactive 'choose your own story' affair enriched with product commentary from professional gamers and HP Indonesia staff, AR content, Q&A opportunities, and more. The utilization of Mindstamp videos enabled viewers to interact and engage with the products like a real game, and create a personalized and unique video experience for everyone involved.

By partnering with Mindstamp, HP was able to organize a gaming-based launch party for upcoming products that stayed true to the nature and characteristics of the brand.

How Mindstamp Was Utilized to Create an Interactive Virtual Launch Experience

Guests at the launch were welcomed to the platform and informed about its gamified format by a holographic emcee who led the online pre-event campaign. By scanning a QR code, users were then taken on a personalized video journey through different product experiences. With Mindstamp's button feature, visitors were able to choose and determine their path through the story, just like in a game. The content was presented in a variety of formats, including superimposed text, videos, transitions, and a virtual emcee.

By utilizing Mindstamp's powerful interactive video capabilities, HP was able to provide gamers with an immersive interactive gaming experience with features like multiple-choice quizzes that helped users learn more about the new products, the industry, and the experience. The 'Play to Progress' format not only encouraged strong user engagement but also yielded a wealth of valuable data about the content's performance and the users themselves.


HP Indonesia expressed great satisfaction with the event’s outcome. The Managing Director at HP Indonesia, Fiona Lee, was quoted saying “In all my years at HP, the spirit of innovation has never been stronger. I was very excited to participate in this innovative gamified virtual presentation, which involved and included the audience through interactive fun.” 

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