What Does Interactive Video Mean?

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Interactive video is the future of online content, and the stats don’t lie!

In a recent study by Speil Creative, 87.7% of marketers who used interactive video noted growth in their online sales. Additionally, 89.5% of people said their customers preferred an interactive onboarding video compared to text based information. Lastly, 94.5% of marketers stated that based on their success, they had made the right decision to use interactive video. In short - interactive video boosts engagement, drives results, and provides both the producer and consumer with an immersive video experience that was previously unavailable. 

Even though interactive videos are becoming the latest video trend, it’s still a new concept for many businesses. Let’s take a step back and discuss what we mean when we say interactive video.

What does interactive video mean?

An interactive video is a form of video that allows the viewer to interact with the on-screen content. By adding interactive features like hotspots, buttons, branching, data inputs, and questions to your existing videos, you can prompt the audience to interact with the video, maximizing viewer engagement and their likelihood to take your desired action. These features differ from a traditional video, which only offers the viewer the choice of playing or pausing the content. Unlike traditional video, interactive video keeps viewers engaged at all points of the viewing experience.

Interactive video has a variety of use cases - from promotional videos that gather data on viewers’ interests, shoppable videos that allow viewers to purchase directly from the video, or training videos that use questions to test the users’ understanding throughout the video. With so many ways to increase the ROI of your videos, it’s no wonder that interactive video is the future of video and consumer expectations.

Why does it matter?

It's clear that our way of life is changing. Through rapid technological advancements, day-to-day life looks significantly different than it did just 20 years ago. In a recent study from Microsoft, it was discovered that humans have an 8-second attention span — meaning traditional videos just aren’t able to cut it anymore.

Because the average lifestyle has changed, the way people receive information must change as well, and interactive video offers a solution. Interactive video increases viewer engagement, converts more leads, drives more action, and even maximizes training impact by using interactive elements that elicit a response!

Getting started with interactive video

The first step in creating an interactive video is finding a platform that works for you. After that, the capabilities are practically endless. From transforming your employee training program to future-proofing your content, your video content will undoubtedly receive an upgrade. So next time you’re asking, “what does interactive video mean?” — know that it means increased capabilities for your teams and greater establishment for your brand! 

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