New: Spotlight Mode, Cards, Question Builder, and more!

Happy 2024! We're excited for another incredible year of interactive video with you.

Here are some recent enhancements to the Mindstamp platform:

Spotlight Mode 🔦

Highlight an interaction when hovered! Great for driving focus and offering "discover" experiences. Available for Hotspots, Buttons, Text, and Images today on all plans. 

AI Question Builder 🌈

Turn any video into a quiz in seconds with AI! Just choose how many questions you need and let the magic happen instantly. Available on all plans today. 

Cards 🃏

New interaction type that combines text, images, and buttons all in one! Perfect for Shoppable Video experiences where clicking an item brings up the product information before adding it to cart.

Question Redesign 🎨

Our new question builder is fast, organized, and beautiful, helping you save time and effort when working in Mindstamp! 

Force Lead Capture ⚡️

Set any interaction(s) to force Lead Capture to show up, even if already completed! Useful for opting into multiple promotions or offers during a single video.

Panopto Integration ♻️

Make your Panopto videos interactive! Just drop the public link into Mindstamp and start adding rich interactivity to drive comprehension and engagement.

Genie AI Enhancements 🤖

Your in-video artificial intelligence assistant, Genie, now answers questions about the video content faster and with better responses than before.

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