New on Mindstamp: Panopto Integration!

Monday, November 20, 2023

You asked, we delivered:

Mindstamp now supports Panopto as a video source!

Create a new interactive experience from any Panopto video instantly by pasting a link in Mindstamp:

Panopto is a leading video platform for businesses and universities. Using Panopto, anyone can create and share professional on-demand videos securely. Panopto customers can now boost engagement and enhance retention by turning their videos into rich, interactive experiences on Mindstamp. 

By adding interactive elements such as buttons, hotspots, images, questions, drawings, and text on top of the video content, you can provide each viewer with a dynamic, personalized, actionable experience that drives the results you're looking for.

It couldn't be easier to use your Panopto videos in Mindstamp. Simply copy the share link, select Panopto as a source, paste the link, and you're off!

Mindstamp's simple, drag & drop interface empowers people from all backgrounds to create beautiful interactive videos that are sure to keep viewers watching longer.

Want a live demo of the new integration or curious about how interactive video can bolster your organization's education and training efforts? Request a live demo with one of our team members.

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