How to include interactive videos in blog posts and webpages

April 20, 2022
Interactive post ideas to seamlessly integrate interactive video to upgrade your blog or website. Refresh the marketing strategy through these new features.

It’s no secret that interactive video is the future of marketing, but the next question is how to utilize it? Interactive post ideas start with embedding videos and have the potential to give your blog, landing page, and webpage the upgrade it deserves. Adding interactive videos on these pages can serve to engage viewers directly from the start, communicating to your customer exactly who you are, and maybe learn why they’re there without the bulky text.

Interactive videos are beneficial because they allow viewers to make decisions while watching, thereby increasing conversion rates. Interactive videos represent the evolution from traditional video and are an upgrade that’s here to stay. Viewers are given more opportunities to interact and interact with the content, thereby improving the brand experience and message. 

There is massive potential to create more engaging content, but the opportunities will only take you as far as your creativity. With options as limitless as your creativity, we’ve supplied some ideas to get you started:

Product demo videos

The first interactive post idea is to showcase your product with a demo video! Interactive videos offer the ability to clearly communicate the uses/ advantages of the product (more so than a traditional video format). You can include branching and chapters features for accessibility, basically giving your viewer the power to fully understand each section of the video, as well as the main points. From jumping to the exact step you need to change a tire or your favorite scene of an hour-long video, interactive video chapters make every video more user-friendly. No more blindly scrubbing through blog videos for that one specific part. Product demo videos allow your brand to establish better representation as viewers can understand more, faster.

How-to videos

One of the greatest additions of the 21st Century is the “How To” video, but sometimes the content doesn't stick and most of the time you only need a small segment of the video to understand. Interactive Video will upgrade “How To” videos through clickable images, drawing on the content, and the ability to search the video transcript. Embedding interactive how-to videos ensures your content is 100% accessible and forces “misunderstanding” out of the equation. 

Schedule a meeting

Create a seamless experience by embedding Calendly links into your video. In the digital age, no one wants to exchange a half dozen emails to nail down a 30 minute meeting time. With interactive video, you can embed links to popular scheduling sites such as Calendly and Hubspot so viewers don’t even have to leave the video to schedule a meeting time. Level up your blog or landing page by expediting the process of communication- for everyone involved!

Testimonial videos

Customer testimonials will be enhanced through the addition of live commenting, reporting, and hotspots. Viewers can visit sites directly from the testimonial, and even add products to their cart directly from a video. Create conversations with leads by integrating reviews into the purchase process. Utilizing testimonial video in blogs immediately validates claims and reassures the audience that they can trust the brand.


Utilizing the quiz feature allows viewers to test their knowledge from the video itself! Quizzing your viewers through interactive post ideas will not only keep the audience engaged, but can also drive more individuals to the content by encouraging viewers to share their results. Personality assessments, trivia, and training videos will all get an upgrade with interactive video! Utilize the quiz feature to check customer understanding of your company’s landing and webpage!

Request for feedback

Lastly, viewers will be more involved in the processes, so they can easily provide feedback. The commenting feature allows creators to overlay comments directly onto the video. Website creators and bloggers will have more data to learn from, as each click can tell you more about the target market. The process is made simpler on both sides, as each party has a greater understanding of the other!

But wait, there’s more…

As previously stated, when it comes to interactive post ideas- the options are endless! From fully integrated Hogwarts Sorting Hat Quiz videos to Chose your Own Adventure videos, the opportunities for your blog, website, or landing page can be made simple with Mindstamp!

With features such as:

“Text, video, graphics, animation — every other kind of web content is ultimately a passive experience, no matter how interesting, engaging, or amusing. Only interactive content — as the name clearly states — allows the website visitor to turn from a passive ‘user’ into a doer and an actor.”  

Your interactive post ideas are endless!

To learn more about Mindstamp’s capabilities, schedule a free demo or sign up for our free trial to start harnessing the power of interactive video today.

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