Driving business workflows with interactive video and Zapier

January 5, 2022

Mindstamp makes it simple to take any video content you have and turn it into a dynamic, interactive viewer experience. From simple interactions like buttons and hotspots to personalized questions and conditional logic that creates a dynamic video experience for every individual viewer, your video content goes beyond storytelling to an active conversation.

By connecting Mindstamp to Zapier, video can be a driving force in any business workflow. 

Using Mindstamp notifications included detailed reports about your Viewers and all of their Interactions (including button and hotspot clicks, questions answered, files downloaded and more), you can easily drive critical sales, marketing and training workflows. For instance:

  • Connect Mindstamp to Mailchimp such that any lead information you capture from your interactive video is automatically captured in Mailchimp and ready for your email marketing campaigns.
  • Connect Mindstamp to Sugar CRM to automatically create contact, company and lead records for your sales team from your interactive video.
  • Connect Mindstamp view reports to your LMS to confirm viewer participation, including comprehension based on their questions.
  • Connect Mindstamp to Google Sheets to record top click events on your marketing videos and prioritize your next content.
  • Connect Mindstamp to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to confirm customer onboarding success and receive feedback via your interactive video content.
  • Connect Mindstamp to Survey Monkey to add participants to the next best survey based on their preferences shared as part of your interactive video.

And remember, Mindstamp connects natively to Hubspot and Salesforce and has a complete API that enables you to build any interactive video-based experience you can imagine.

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