AI + Interactive Video: The Future of Training and Education

Monday, January 30, 2023
AI Video + Interactivity is a game changer for education and training. Learn common use cases and how our integration with Synthesia works!

Artificial intelligence is all the buzz right now - and for good reason! 

We are seeing a breathtaking shift in how video, image, and text content is created, with artificial intelligence engines enabling faster, cheaper, and often better content creation with less effort than previously required.

One area that we are extremely excited about here at Mindstamp is synthetic avatar-based AI video creation. Traditionally, to create a company training video, you spent weeks of time and thousands of dollars to script, act out, film, edit, and finalize the content. The actor was a distracted employee or high-cost outsider, and you only had one chance to get it right before it was finalized and distributed.

Companies like Synthesia and Pictory are flipping the script (pun intended) on this slow and expensive process by allowing you to simply upload your text script and receive back a realistic, human based video that looks and sounds like it was produced with a multi-thousand dollar budget. Even better, it can continually be modified and updated in an instant to reflect changes or updates with only a minimal increase in cost.

Oftentimes, the hardest part of creating an interactive video is creating the video content that lives underneath the interactions. We're incredibly excited that Synthesia and other companies are helping people get over this gap so that they can focus on the rich, interactive experiences that drive results.

Our new Synthesia integration allows you to seamlessly import your videos from Synthesia to Mindstamp in just a few clicks. Create your training or education content quickly and easily, and then bring it to life with Mindstamp's interactive capabilities like buttons, questions, images, quizzing, and more!

Here are a few powerful examples of AI-based videos used within Mindstamp to create beautiful interactive experiences in under 10 minutes:

Video Branching

Allow viewers to choose their own path through your content with video branching, also known as "Choose Your Own Adventure" experiences.

Learn more about this example

Video Quiz

Creating a video quiz allows you to measure learner knowledge and comprehension when they are most engaged. Mindstamp makes it simple.

Learn more about this example

Lead Capture

Capturing leads and contact information from potential customers is critical to any business. Mindstamp makes it easy to get new prospects by offering in-video lead capture. 

Learn more about this example

Calendar Booking

Get more appointments by letting your audience book on your HubSpot or Calendly calendar directly from within the video.

Learn more about this example

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