5 Creative Uses of Interactive Video

October 11, 2022

At Mindstamp, we see a lot of different uses for interactive video. With such a powerful set of platform features and capabilities, the sky is truly the limit for how interactive elements like buttons and hotspots, questions, video branching and personalization can be used to create dynamic, interactive video content and experiences that keep viewers immersed and engaged.

If you need some inspiration on how you might use Mindstamp interactive videos in your own business, here are some creative ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Halloween Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Experience

During the early days of Covid, The Count’s Den, a local theater group in LA found themselves with a shut down live venue, but plenty of creative energy and artistic vision looking for an outlet. They decided to record a 200+ clip vampire-themed ‘who dun it’ mini movie and then used Mindstamp to assemble a fully interactive experience where the viewer can decide where to go in the video, what questions to ask as the investigator and who to investigate next. The result is a fun, exciting trip of intrigue, mystery, and of course vampires. Ready for a Halloween treat, check out the full experience here.

2. ‘Day in the Life’ Job Education Video

A major retailer in Europe is using branched interactive videos to educate new employees on what the typical day will look like based on their role in the organization. By using hotspots and buttons that let the viewer choose which position they are taking on and learn about what they can expect during a typical day on the job.

Videos like this can also be enhanced with invitations to provide free response questions that are a great tool for employee feedback and Q&A in a ‘low pressure’ environment. By leveraging Mindstamp’s new Access Lists functionality, employers can both secure access to the video and guarantee video viewership and completion in Mindstamp reporting.

3. Medical Practice Company Recruiting and Prospect Evaluation Video

In order to more effectively pre-screen applicants for a large medical practice, one Mindstamp client has turned to interactive question videos to evaluate candidate knowledge, assess their ability to respond to difficult situations, explore interests and determine relative cultural fit. By mixing detailed medical treatment questions with multimedia video clips that have the practice’s lead medical professional explaining the correct answer and using video branching to narrow and refine applicant quality based on responses, the team gets the best candidates, fully engaged and ready for a live interview at the bottom of the interactive video ‘funnel’.

4. Auto Loan Verification Video

In the used car auto industry, it’s critical that buyers understand exactly what they are committing to as part of the loan process. To fight the complexity and overwhelming nature of legal paperwork, an innovative auto loan processing company turned to personalized interactive video to tailor a video presentation and confirmation experience to each individual buyer. Through a combination of personalized variables passed into the video dynamically (things like the loan term, interest rate, vehicle purchased and payment dates), coupled with confirmatory questions that guarantee the viewer has watched and understood their loan payment, the provider both eliminates the need for an expensive human-based outreach and has defensible data about the purchaser’s understanding of the underlying loan structure.

5. Explore the Fairgrounds State Fair Video

For the state fair this past summer, the Arizona State Fair used Mindstamp to create an interactive video guide that allowed viewers to discover all of the events, exhibitions, rides and games available at the fair, to click on the area of the fairgrounds that was most interesting and to ‘dive in’ to that topic in more detail, including through video branching.

At any point a viewer could return to the video menu to start over and continue their discovery, creating an immersive, interactive fairground map from a series of connected videos.

As you can see, the range of ideas for leveraging interactive video in your business are endless. From marketing and sales to training and education, Mindstamp interactive videos have the power, simplicity and data to ensure success.

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