September 2022 Newsletter

Introducing Precision Timing, Trackable Hotspots, video tags & favorites, and more!

While there are plenty of new features and updates that you can always explore in our Enhancements section, we’ve got a few that we just had to share with you as part of the September newsletter. Keep reading to learn more, or hop right into your videos and try out some of Mindstamp’s new capabilities out for yourself! 

Remember, even if your trial has expired you can explore these features. Give us a shout if you’d like your trial extended!

Precision Timing

Have you ever heard the expression “every second counts” ? With our latest feature rollout, we’ve taken that to the next level, providing our Core, Pro, and Enterprise users with 1/10th of a second accuracy when configuring interactions. Whether you’re adding a question to a video as soon as a speaker finishes the script, or sending users to specific places in a branching experience, it can all be done in the most seamless way possible with precision timing. Want to see it in action? Check out our video tutorial.

Trackable Hotspots

Hotspots are one of the most powerful interactive video features on the Mindstamp platform. They allow you to draw and keep attention with use-case specific indicators, or activate your existing onscreen content by making select portions of the screen clickable. This can include adding a hotspot to an item for purchase being shown on screen, or turning an onscreen doorway in an office tour into a clickable object.

Trackable Hotspots make this critical feature even more compelling. By enabling tracking, you have the ability to set a predetermined path for your hotspot. This means that you can have it “attach” to an onscreen item and follow its movement. Or, your hotspot can move out of the way when a presenter takes the stage. Check out this shoppable example below:

To give it a shot, look at this tutorial and then click ‘Enable Tracking’ next time you’re in the editor! 

Tags and Favorites

We’re under the belief that in 5 years, we’ll look back and remember a time when all videos weren’t interactive. From e-learning to e-commerce, letting viewers engage between the start and end times of your video is quickly becoming the new norm. With all those use-cases, it’s important to stay organized!

We’ve made it easier than ever to file and keep track of your interactive videos through the introduction of Tags and Favorites. Tags are free-form labels you can apply to a video under “Settings.” Once you’ve added a Tag, it will appear on the top of your video and in your video library for easy identification, organization, and access.

Furthermore, if you have a subset of your Mindstamp interactive videos that you consistently re-use or need access to, simply click on the Video in your library and hit ‘Add to Favorites’. Once added, you’ll be able to access it quickly and easily by selecting “Videos” then “Favorites.”

End Call-to-Action

What your viewer does at the end of your interactive video can be just as, or more important than what they do during the video. While Mindstamp has always had a customized end call-to-action available within the settings of your video, we’ve recently brought it out to the main screen of the editor to emphasize its importance and simplify access. 

Additionally, if you haven’t customized your end call-to-action in a while, you may notice some new abilities! One of our favorites is “Redirect to Link (Auto)” which will, upon video completion, automatically direct viewers to a URL of your choice. Your workflow just got that much easier! 

Coming Soon: WooCommerce Integration

Did somebody say shoppable video? We’ve got a BIG announcement coming about how simple Mindstamp has made it to turn your WooCommerce catalog into an interactive shoppable video experience. We can’t wait to share this with you, so keep an eye out for a specific announcement and invitation to learn more.


Mindstamp’s HubSpot integration is published in the HubSpot catalog! If you use HubSpot, you’ll surely benefit from how powerful connecting interactive videos directly into your landing pages and contact records can be for personalized, high impact engagement marketing.