September 2021 Newsletter

Introducing Enhanced Hotspots, Video Replacement, Group Reporting, Click Animations, and more!

Happy Fall! The Mindstamp team remains hard at work delivering the most powerful interactive video platform available 🏆
This month we introduced Enhanced Hotspots, Video Replacement, Group Reporting, Click Animations, and more!

New Features

Circular Hotspots and Hotspot Indicator Alignment

With Mindstamp hotspots you can activate any portion of your video to drive a viewer interaction. We’ve further enhanced hotspot control to include circular and oval shapes so you can be even more precise in your placement. You can also choose to align the hotspot indicator to the left, right or center of the hotspot.

Video Replacement

If you need to update your underlying video without losing any interactions or data you can now simply replace the video. Interactions will remain at the same timestamp on the new video, so be sure to check the experience.

Group Reporting

Groups, which are available as part of Core and Enterprise subscriptions, allow you to organize and provide secure access to your videos. The new ‘Data & Reporting’ tab within your Group controls now provides summary reporting for Views, Interactions and Questions across all videos in your Group. This Data & Reporting tab is visible to Group Owners and Admins.

Interaction Click Animations

Many Mindstamp customers use their own images or gifs to drive viewer clicks on their videos, including to create custom buttons that explicitly match their brand designs. Now images and text blocks in Mindstamp will respond to a viewer’s click visually, providing visual reinforcement of the interaction.

Coming Soon

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We're working on a few things right now that we're excited to share with you:

  • Resumeable Views: If your viewers need to pause their video and resume later, you will be able to elect to set your video to allow the viewer to pick up where they left off, including storing all variables and interaction data.
  • Certificates: We’re almost ready to roll out a new Mindstamp Certificates capability where you can issue a custom certificate to your viewers after they’ve completed a video. Contact us for an early preview.
  • Lead Capture Configuration: Mindstamp lets you capture structured lead information - including Name, Email, Phone and Custom ID - when a viewer first starts watching a video or when they click on their first interaction. We’re enhancing this default behavior to allow you to designate other events within your video - a specific time or specific interaction event - that should trigger the capture of this lead information.

  • New Reporting Engine: We’re enhancing the Mindstamp reporting engine to give you more control of how you filter and review your views and interactions. This will also allow you to more easily export large data sets and review data by date range.


We've launched a podcast! 🥳

We launched the Interactive Video Podcast where we talk about data, trends, customer success stories and what’s coming next in Interactive video. Give it a listen!


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Closing Thoughts

Mindstamp continues to grow and serve a variety of customers and use cases. We're more confident than ever in the value of interactive video and are excited to continue to improve the product for you.

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