October 2022 Newsletter

Introducing Interactive Video Goals, WooCommerce ‘1 Click’ Shoppable Videos, Secure Access Lists, and a compilation of all our recent enhancements!

As we enter the final stretch of the year, we wanted to take a moment to recap some of our recent, powerful platform updates. While you can always stay up to speed with Mindstamp’s new feature updates by clicking into the Enhancements tab (found under “Help” from your Dashboard), we’ve created a quick summary in this month’s newsletter for your convenience. 

Now, just because we’re taking time to highlight some of our Q3 updates, doesn’t mean we don’t have more in store! Continue reading to learn about three new features, followed by the quarterly wrap-up. Remember, even if your trial has expired you can explore these features. We’re happy to extend your trial if you need a bit more time to get on board! 

Interactive Video Goals

Ultimately, interactive video is about increasing viewer engagement and conversion via your video content. By extending average viewing length, leveraging branching to guide viewers to the content they want most, or presenting an in-video call-to-action at the exact right moment, interactive video can drive results.

But if your call-to-action in your video brings the viewer out to another experience, how do you tie it all together for tracking? For instance, if a viewer clicks on a ‘Buy Now’ button on your video, do they complete the shopping cart checkout on your website? If they clicked on the Schedule Demo hotspot, do they complete the calendar request to actually book a demo?

With Mindstamp Goals, you can explicitly create a tracking snippet for your website that links back to Mindstamp, demonstrating exactly which views have achieved the objective you set. Across one of many events like check-out from a shopping cart, completing a form, signing up for a newsletter or progressing to the next course, Mindstamp Goals allow you to link the action back to a specific view from Mindstamp so you know your interactive videos are driving the results you need.

WooCommerce Shoppable Videos

If you have a WooCommerce shop, Mindstamp needs to be in your toolkit. With just a few clicks, you can turn any products in your WooCommerce catalog into a shoppable video with automated product images, descriptions, and Buy Now buttons. Those videos can be easily shared via email, socially, or on your own website to drive more sales and promote customer engagement. Watch this video to learn more, or follow these steps:

  1. Go to the WooCommerce integration page on Mindstamp (if you already have a Mindstamp account).
  2. Add your WooCommerce website address
  3. Choose up to 20 products to add to your interactive video
  4. Save and share.

It’s that easy! Once you’re done, you can also edit the interactive video that’s created to add more information, hotspots, questions, and more. The complete power of the Mindstamp platform is at your fingertips.

Access Lists

If you want to limit the individuals who can access your interactive video but don’t want to use Mindstamp Groups, Access Lists are perfect for you. Perhaps you have a paywall for your content and need more security? Perhaps you’ve got a select set of users who are your top sponsors on Patreon that you want to treat with some interactive content?

Access Lists allow you to set email addresses and passcodes for individual users and then apply that list to a given video to secure and limit access to only the desired audience. These aren’t passwords, but rather custom codes you can set for each user to maximize security. Access Lists can be applied to one or many videos in your Mindstamp video library, and do not require named viewers to create an account. 

What You Missed - Summer ‘22

Truth is, we release so many features that it’s hard to give every capability the limelight it deserves. Even if you’re a diehard Mindstamp Newsletter reader (and who isn’t, right?), then you would have missed some critical updates that could be valuable to you right now. Understanding this, we’ve created a quick list of new features over the past few months here that you can explore to dive in deeper. Highlights include:

⌚️ Precision Timing

Place interactions with 1/10th of a second precision, compared to a full second previously

🌀 Trackable Hotspots

Create a moving "sticky" hotspot that tracks an object or place in the video

📝 Access Lists

Grant a pre-defined audience access to your videos via a CSV list of email and an optional passcode

👁 Branching Visualization

See a "birds eye view" of your interactive video branching experience

✅ Custom Lead Capture Fields

Add custom fields to viewer info capture which are stored on the viewer record and available in the API and data exports

👆🏼 Require click to continue

Force a viewer to click an interaction before proceeding past it in the video

🚫 Post-click State

Make interactions disabled or hidden after being clicked to create the perfect experience 

📊 Polls

Allow viewers to see the summarized results of other viewers after answering a question

… and much more! Read about all of the recent features here or get in touch for a personalized demo of a specific feature.

Coming Soon: Shopify Integration

Like what we did with WooCommerce, but use Shopify for your eCommerce store? Ready to turn views into sales? Mindstamp’s Shopify integration, allowing you to create shoppable videos in seconds, is coming soon.


Mindstamp was named the #1 Tool to Create Interactive Videos by SqueezeGrowth in their recent review of the space.

We were also listed as an Emerging Favorite from Capterra!

If you’re interested in getting paid to share the most comprehensive interactive solution available, check out the Mindstamp Advocates Program.

Until next time, happy innovating!