October 2020 Newsletter

Introducing Moveable Interactions, Closed Captions, Seekbar Hiding, and More

Boo! Did we scare ya? Happy October 🎃

New Features

Moveable Buttons, Hotspots, and Images

Our most powerful update yet: Move, Resize, and Style your Buttons, Hotspots, and Images as you please. Add as many as you’d like at a single time. Toggle the Hotspot indicator on or off.

Read the release blog post here, or dive straight in to give it a shot!

Closed Captioning & Speed Control

You can now upload English, French, and Spanish Closed-Caption files for use in the Mindstamp player.

Additionally, you can enable speed controls (fast forward, rewind, playback speed) even when the seekbar is hidden.

Improved Series Pages

Series Pages let you add multiple videos to a single page for easy viewing.

We’ve given them some design love and they’re now looking pretty spiffy, with more improvements on the way.

Create your own Series Page here.

Kaltura Videos now Supported

Mindstamp now supports using Kaltura video links! Simply copy the embed code or share link of your file and drop it into the link input when creating a new video. Boom! Interactive Kaltura videos 😎

Coming Soon

Looking for a certain feature or ability? Tell us by taking this short survey.

We're working on a few things right now that we're excited to share with you:

  • Help Center:  We’re continuing to build out our Help Center with documentation and guides for all things Mindstamp.
  • Chapters: One of our most requested features, Chapters, will come to life soon. You’ll be able to add simple navigation points throughout the video that inform the viewer as to what is happening and lets them quickly jump around.


  • We've added a discounted Educator Plan to support self-funded teachers adapting to remote learning. Learn more here and then get in touch to take advantage of this offer.

Closing Thoughts

Mindstamp continues to grow and serve a variety of customers and use cases. We're more confident than ever in the value of interactive video and are excited to continue to improve the product for you.

If you’d like to contribute to our roadmap in the coming months, please let us know by taking this brief survey to tell us how you use Mindstamp and what you hope to achieve. If you have further questions, you can contact us.

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