November 2022 Newsletter

Introducing File Downloads, Default Variables, and our Holiday Sale!

Happy November! We wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the United States and a happy holiday season to all around the world. The Mindstamp team is still hard at work delivering the world-class interactive experience that you deserve. Keep reading to learn about new features this month as well as special holiday deals!  

New: File Downloads

We're happy to announce a long requested feature today: you can now offer file downloads directly within the video!

PDFs, spreadsheets, images - you name it. Select the "Download File" click action in buttons, hotspots, text, images, and questions to choose a file from your asset library that will be downloaded when clicked:

Downloadable files are available on the CORE, PRO, and Enterprise plans. Note that file downloads do not currently work on iOS devices due to Apple-enforced restrictions.

New: Default Variable Values

Variables allow you to create rich, dynamic experiences within your video. But what if a variable was never set due to a question being skipped, or viewer information not provided? 

Now, you can set default variable values at both the video level as well as your organization level. No more blank values! 

Click the "Variables" button to set defaults, or simply add an interaction with a variable to have it pop up automatically:

Announcement: Holiday Sale!

Whether you like to do your shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the following week, Mindstamp has a great deal for you.

Existing customers can upgrade to the next plan at a 20% discount, or add 10 extra videos for just $10/month. If you've been waiting to upgrade your plan or add more storage, now is the time!

Take advantage of this deal by 12/2/22 to start getting more out of your videos.

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We look forward to continue supporting you with interactive video - tune in next month for more exciting updates!

- Mindstamp Team