March 2022 Newsletter

Introducing custom interaction transitions, step-by-step second controls, and multi-video report filtering!

Month in and month out, we put a focus on helping you get the interactive video experience you want, ensuring it’s driving the outcome you need, and letting robust data prove the results. Check out this month's updates below, then try them out for yourself!

What's New?

Hotspot and Image Design Controls

Last month we expanded the interaction-by-interaction design controls we support for buttons and hotspots, letting you custom-tailor the individual look and feel of each interactive element you’re adding to your video.

This month, we’ve further enhanced hotspots and images to support custom transitions as part of advanced controls, meaning you can set individual elements to zoom in from a given side, fade in, slide, bounce and more.

Click into select interactions and you’ll see ‘Advanced Styling’ available at the bottom of the configuration screen where you can activate unique design controls that are specific to that hotspot or image.

Second-by-Second Video Step Through Controls

If you’ve got a number of interactive elements on your Mindstamp video, sometimes you need to slow down and evaluate how and when each interaction is appearing, where it presents itself based on the content of the video, and when it disappears from the screen entirely.To help achieve this, we’ve introduced new, built-in (-1sec) and (+1sec) video time controls that make it simple to swiftly navigate around your content and adjust interactions, add more elements, or just pause and confirm each moment appears as you intended.

Multi-Video Data Filtering

By selecting ‘Data Filters' from your Personal Dashboard, you can now sort data by Video, Group, Date Range, Percentage Watched, Completion Score, and Correctness Score. Once you’ve got your filters set, you can view and export analytics from the specific collection you specified. It’s just another way that Mindstamp makes interactive video easier!

Coming Soon

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We always have a healthy backlog of new features and functionalities underway!

  • Bulk Data Download: With many of our customers serving large audiences with their interactive videos every week, being able to download bulk data is critical. We’re adding the ability to initiate bulk downloads based on your specific filters, that can run in the background and present themselves when ready.

  • Advanced Hubspot Integration: We’re expanding our built-in HubSpot integration to output higher quality, data-rich insights on your video viewers. Whether you’re assessing popular opinion, gathering new prospects, or lead-scoring, Mindstamp can help!

  • Personalization Tools: Deeper personalization is on the way! From custom URL parameters to API-based variable integration, we’re making it easier than ever to make each interactive experience unique.


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Closing Thoughts

Mindstamp continues to grow and serve a variety of customers and use cases. We're more confident than ever in the value of interactive video and are excited to continue to improve the product for you.

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