June 2022

Introducing Mindscript, CSV Exports with Variables, Post-Click states, and much more!

June has been much more than beach days and mojitos for the Mindstamp Team. Our Research and Development specialists have been pulling out all the stops to make sure you have access to the latest and greatest in interactive media. Check out what June has to offer below!


Mindscript is an all-new capability that allows you to perform basic operations with your variables. Core, Pro, and Enterprise users can now add and subtract numerical values to generate a “running total” score, combine text-based variables for even more robust personalization, and more! Whether you’re creating a gamified experience, boosting your marketing efforts, or improving your e-learning course, Mindscript is sure to make a difference. Best of all? It’s even more powerful with conditional logic! Learn more about Mindscript here

Enhanced Data Export

Mindstamps comprehensive analytics have received another exciting update! For the first time ever, you can export a CSV report of your video views that includes one-line data on select interactions and variables. That means you can take button clicks, hotspot clicks, and even question answers, and file them seamlessly with your existing business systems. 

Post-Click Interaction States

Mindstamp takes your feedback seriously, and your voices have been heard! After many requests, you can now set “Hidden” or “Disabled” states to clicked on interactions. Interested in letting viewers learn about topics at their own pace? Want to provide visual progress for viewers exploring your experience? Check out post click states within your interaction configuration today! This feature is available to Core, Pro, and Enterprise users.

Other Notable Enhancements

We have lots of impressive honorable mentions for the month of June. Check out some additional features and functionality we recently added: 

  • Precise Viewer Location - Need to know even more about your audience? You now have the ability to request your viewers location prior to them accessing your content.
  • Multiple Correct Answers - Choose all that apply now has the ability to accept multiple correct answers and count them towards total correctness. 
  • Zapier App Published - You can now search for and find the Mindstamp Zapier connection without a private invite! 
  • None Click Action - Have you ever wanted to use images, hotspots, or text without having them clickable? Now you can!
  • Block Seekbar Navigation - Within your design settings, you’ll now be able to allow viewers to see the video seekbar but not navigate it. This is helpful if you want to prevent skipping while also providing visual progress.


The Mindstmap Advocates program is putting real money into the pockets of partners who share the power of interactive video. If you haven’t claimed your advocate link, do so here. Take a moment to share your thoughts on interactive video on your blog or a LinkedIn post. Want to collaborate on a guest post, give us a shout and we’ll talk about it.

We’re gearing up to release an advanced Agency program for design agencies and video developers to incorporate interactive video and Mindstamp into their product and service repertoire. Stay tuned to hear more.