July 2022 Newsletter

As we round out summer, the Mindstamp team has turned up the heat on developing new and innovative features that help you stay ahead of the curve! Continue reading to see what’s new in July:

Hotspot Icons

Hotspots are easy to use and add real value to your interactive video experience - just drag, drop, and drive action! Now, with personalized icons, hotspots are even more effective. Using hotspots on your shoppable video? Add a shopping cart logo or a dollar sign inside your hotspot. How about training? Add a question mark icon on a “Learn More” hotspot. There are 15 new hotspot icons for our Core+ members to explore. Enjoy!

P.S. - the hotspot indicator can now be resized, too!

Advanced Interaction Customization

What’s better than being able to add interactive elements to your video? Being able to customize them and make them your own! Whether you’re using our design tools to become brand consistent, or just having some fun, we’re always searching for ways for you to make your experience your own. Beginning today, all color selection will include gradients!

What’s more, we’ve added “Animations” to interactions at the individual interaction level (Core+). This could include having your button “bounce” on screen, or have a hotspot flash in and out. There are 10 unique animations for you to enjoy, all used to capture even more attention than ever before!

Require Click to Continue

Have you ever wanted your viewers to interact with some or all of the interactions on the screen - instead of just selecting one? Beginning today, all users will be able to select the “Require Click to Continue” option when adding a new interaction. When enabled, viewers will be required to engage with the on-screen elements (buttons, hotspots, etc.) in order to continue the video. 


Advanced Viewer Info Capture

Previously, Viewer Info Capture allowed for name, email, phone number, and one custom field. As part of our recent update, Core+ users are able to add additional custom viewer info capture fields. There are even new input types like checkboxes, date responses, and more! Best of all?  You can save each custom field as a re-usable variable for personalization!

Coming Soon: Tracking Hotspots

We’re excited to announce a new, cutting edge feature that will soon be available on Mindstamp Pro - Tracking Hotspots. With this new capability, hotspots will be able to follow in-video material as it moves around the screen. This may include “attaching” a hotspot to a vehicle in an automotive advertisement, or having a hotspot follow a moving component in an assembly training video. The opportunity is endless - we can’t wait to share this advancement with you. 


Stay tuned for our official HubSpot Partner announcement! Combining your valuable data and analytics with HubSpots versatile CRM is a win-win. You can streamline workflows, trigger custom emails to contacts based on in-video activity, personalize the video with known contact info, and much, much more. Click here to learn more about Mindstamp and HubSpot.