July 2021 Newsletter

Introducing Organizations, Google Analytics Integration, Custom Animations, Correctness Toggling, and more!

Welcome to the monthly newsletter! We’ve got some great new features this month you’ll want to explore.

New Features

Organizations and Multi-User Accounts

Interactive video can be exceptionally powerful throughout your organization, including for sales teams, marketing, corporate communications, training and customer support.

Now it’s easier than ever to leverage the power of Mindstamp everywhere you use video. With the introduction of the new ‘Organization’ feature, you can add additional users to your organization who share in your overall plan limits - including videos, views, groups and series - and with whom you can easily collaborate on video creation and management.

Click on the Organizations tab and you’ll see a list of your current and available user seats, the ability to add more seats and invite additional users, how the users within your organization are using the product, and tools to deactivate users and transition videos between accounts.

Within Video Settings, as the Video Owner you’ll be able to decide if you want other members of your Organization to view or collaborate on and edit your interactive videos.

Starter and Core Mindstamp plans come with 1 user and our Enterprise plan comes with 3. Additional users are just $15 / month.

Custom Interaction Animations

We’ve always had a basic animation for interactions where they fade in, and now we’ve added an entire library of animation customization options for our Core and Enterprise subscribers.

Hop into General Styling in Design and have a look!

Display Question Correctness

Historically, if you set a correct answer for multiple choice, drop-down select or free response questions, Mindstamp would automatically display if the viewer answered correctly and what the correct answer was before progressing the video or follow-up interaction.

Now in our Question design settings you can choose to Show Correctness or not!

If this is toggled off, you will still see correct / incorrect designations in your reporting, but the viewer will not be presented with the correct answer. You can still use the {{cScore}} variable Mindstamp always tracks to determine the viewer’s percentage correct and trigger interactions using conditional logic or personalization.

Google Analytics Integration

If you’re a Core or Enterprise Mindstamp subscriber you can add a custom Google Analytics tracking tag at either the Account (applied to all videos) or Video level.

This will send views, video events and interactions directly to your Google Analytics environment so you can track interactive video behavior alongside the rest of your website.

Add your tag ID under Account -> Integrations or under Integrations on your video.

Coming Soon

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We're working on a few things right now that we're excited to share with you:

  • Video Clips Control: Soon, you'll be able to place, drag, and re-size your video clips to create the perfect experience for your viewers. You'll also be able to apply conditional logic to them for dynamic showing and hiding!
  • Enhanced Reporting Engine: We’re enhancing the Mindstamp reporting engine to give you more control of how you filter and review your views and interactions. This will also allow you to more easily export large data sets and review data by date range.
  • Lead Capture Configuration: Mindstamp lets you capture structured lead information - including Name, Email, Phone and Custom ID - when a viewer first starts watching a video or when they click on their first interaction. We’re enhancing this default behavior to allow you to designate other events within your video - a specific time or specific interaction event - that should trigger the capture of this lead information.

  • Mindstamp Zapier Integration: Mindstamp connects to hundreds of third party applications through Zapier by leveraging their native Webhook ‘Zap’. You can trigger Mindstamp Webhooks for a View, Lead Capture or every Interaction event. We’re making this easier than ever with our own native ‘Zap’ which will easily authenticate and connect to your Mindstamp account and allow for simplified configuration of the data you want delivered and mapping to the systems you use most.


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Closing Thoughts

Mindstamp continues to grow and serve a variety of customers and use cases. We're more confident than ever in the value of interactive video and are excited to continue to improve the product for you.

If you’d like to contribute to our roadmap in the coming months, please let us know by taking this brief survey to tell us how you use Mindstamp and what you hope to achieve. If you have further questions, you can contact us.

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