January 2023 Newsletter

Introducing Resource Trays, Pixabay + Synthesia Integrations, Custom end CTAs, and more!

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great holiday season and are ready to make the most out of 2023 🎉

Our team has been hard at work and we have some incredible updates for you today!

New: Resource Tray!

Have you ever wanted to give your viewers a set of links, downloadable assets, or actionable buttons that they can use at any time? Resource Trays make this possible!

Create a screen of interactions that can be pulled up at any time by the viewer, just like in a Blu-ray movie. Resource trays can be designed to fit your brand and be copied across videos for convenience.

You can even use buttons, hotspots, text, or images to open the resource tray by using the "Show Resource Tray" click action!

New: Custom End CTA!

You asked, we delivered: Create fully customizable, feature rich end calls-to-action that display once a video is complete

Rather than using a single line of text and a button that takes an action, now you can add buttons, images, hotspots, text, and even questions to show at the end of the video to guide your viewer to the next appropriate action:

Just like resource trays, end CTAs can be copied across videos for speed and convenience!

New: Question Design Controls!

Another highly requested capability is here: custom question designs!

Under the question section in Design, you can now customize your question screen by choosing the position, size, colors, and transition when a question is shown:

Use this powerful update to create even better branded experiences!

New: Pixabay Stock Library!

We get it - having all the assets you need to create an incredible experience can be tough - but thanks to our friends at Pixabay, it just got a lot easier!

Our new Pixabay integration allows you to discover and use over 2 million beautiful videos and images in your Mindstamp experiences. 

When adding an image, check out the new "Search Pixabay" tab to enter your search term and find your perfect result. You can also use Pixabay videos as your underlying asset searching under Sample Video when on the new video screen:

We're excited about this enhancement and hope it unlocks a new level of excellence for you!

New: Synthesia Integration!

As we wrote about, AI-based video generation is rapidly changing the way we create and consume content. 

Companies like Synthesia and Pictory are making it easier than ever to skip the laborious process of planning and acting out a video in-person, instead allowing you to simply feed your script into their software and get a perfect resulting video in minutes. 

This will totally change the training and education game and we are incredibly excited about what the future holds. 

We're excited to announce that our integration with Synthesia is now live! Synthesia customers can drop their API key into Mindstamp and immediately see a list of their generated videos in Mindstamp, which can then be rapidly made to be interactive and engaging via our interactive platform: 

Keep an eye out for future upgrades and enhancements with Synthesia and other AI platforms!