January 2022 Newsletter

Everything you need to know about Interactive Video Buttons, Hotspots, Questions, Images, and more!

While our development team continues to invest in creating the most powerful interactive video platform in the universe, our customer success team has invested in a new series of assets that help you make the most out of your interactive video experience.

Explore below to read up on some of the most popular interactive video features including buttons, hotspots, images, questions, and more!

New Tutorial Videos

Buttons Tutorial

One of the original but still most powerful interactive video features, buttons are the workhorse of engaging and action-driving videos. Buttons easily move between launching a secondary website to provide more insight and information, opening a form to collect viewer feedback or lead information, triggering dynamic navigation within your video, or presenting as a simple poll.

We’ve got loads of use cases for buttons in this new how-to article, or you can watch the video below to get a sense of just how far the simple button can take you with Mindstamp powering your interactive videos.

Questions Tutorial

Collecting viewer responses isn’t as easy as “A,B,C, or D.” In order to create results-driven assessments on your learners, customer base, or employees, you have to ask valuable questions that yield valuable answers.

With Mindstamp, you’re empowered to do exactly that. You can collect video and voice responses, allow viewers to draw their response over on-screen content, or create seamless branching experiences and direct video traffic in a dynamic multiple choice.

Take a look at some best practices in this new how-to article, or check out the tutorial video below.

Hotspots Tutorial

If you’re looking to supercharge your content - look no further than the hotspot. This blinking, customizable call-to-action hosts a number of valuable click actions.

These include adding items to your cart in a shoppable video, adding additional context or learning material with pop-out video or audio, providing one-click access to email support, and so much more. You can also use transparent hotspots to activate your existing on-screen content and apply interactivity to your own material.

To learn more about how the hotspot helps you maximize your view time, visit this new how-to article or check out the video tutorial below.

Images Tutorial

In order to make a real connection with your viewers, you have to break the boundaries of traditional video. Mindstamp makes it easier than ever to do this by using interactive images. With a simple drag and drop, you can overlay existing media including static images and gifs onto your video and assign a click-action of your choice.

This could mean applying an image of an award that takes your viewer to a certificate of completion, using transparent images of your products in a shoppable video, allowing viewers to “choose their own story” in a branching experience, and so much more.

Take some time to check out some of the many ways you can use interactive images in this new how-to article, or enjoy the tutorial video below.

Full Walkthrough

Ready to make the most out of your video? Have a look at the full, guided walkthrough below. You can also learn about specific parts that interest you by using the on-screen chapters. We can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish with interactive video!

Coming Soon

Looking for a certain feature or ability? Tell us by taking this short survey.

We always have a healthy backlog of new features and functionalities underway!

  • Custom Zapier ‘Zap’: Mindstamp’s custom Zap is nearly complete and going through certification. Zapier allows you to connect Mindstamp to thousands of applications, from CRM platforms and marketing tools to business productivity apps. Explore all the ways your view data and interaction events could be leveraged by checking out Zapier today.

  • Bulk Data Download: On the back of recent enhancements, Mindstamp’s reporting engine is more powerful than ever. You can quickly filter and identify viewer data across any number of data points.  Coming soon you’ll be able to download all of your history with a single export.

  • Button and Image Action Templates: If you’re new to Mindstamp, you may have noticed the new concept cards when you created your first video showing all the ways you can use interactive video, from shoppable videos driven by hotspots to video quizzes with simple questions. We’re investing more in simplified templates that will get you your desired functional solution or capability faster than ever.


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Closing Thoughts

Mindstamp continues to grow and serve a variety of customers and use cases. We're more confident than ever in the value of interactive video and are excited to continue to improve the product for you.

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