February 2022 Newsletter

Introducing custom-designed interactions, personalized sharing links, social sharing preview, and more!

We have three goals at Mindstamp that drive our product and service innovation:

  1. Provide the most powerful, yet easiest-to-use platform to enable you to create the interactive video experience you envision.
  2. Make it easy to share that video experience anywhere - from social media to embedded into your marketing campaign websites.
  3. Give you access to powerful data and analytics that you can use to drive your business.

February’s announcements all reinforce these goals with a focus on enhancing design and simplifying the sharing of your Mindstamp videos.

What's New?

Interaction-Specific Design Controls

Mindstamp provides the ability to set global, group, or individual video interaction settings. These include button or text background colors, text colors, border colors and rounding, as well as appear/disappear animation settings. These defaults are seamlessly inherited across the video to maintain consistency.

However, sometimes you want to change a specific interaction and using an account-wide preset isn’t the right answer. For our customers on or above the Core tier plan, we’ve introduced the ability to custom-tailor the design of individual interactions at any point in the video. Change up buttons to call specific attention to an action or modify text elements to segment the information you’re providing.

Create or edit a Button or Text element and you’ll see Advanced Styling available at the bottom of the configuration screen where you can activate unique design controls that are specific to that one element.

Step-Through Time Controls on Interactions

While placing your interactions on Mindstamp, you’ve always had the ability to drag interactions along the timeline to move them - but sometimes it’s easier to place your interactions on a precise moment in-video that will have the biggest impact to viewers.

As part of our latest update, you’ll see small plus/minus signs next to the ‘show time’ and ‘hide time’ controls for your interactions. Clicking those +/- buttons will advance or rewind the video in real-time, so you can observe how the interaction will present with the on-screen content.

Personalized Video Sharing Links

The Mindstamp team has been hard at work making it easier than ever to share your interactive content. With our next release, all Mindstamp video sharing links will be presented with the “myinteractive.video” domain. This is especially powerful for social sharing where it will draw viewer attention to the fact that this post includes an interactive experience.

For our Core customers, you can now set a personalized path and change the name in the video sharing URL. For instance, your videos can be shared as:


Finally, our Enterprise customers can choose an entirely custom domain. Simply register your desired domain under Account -> URLs & Domains, and we’ll reach out to finalize the configuration such that all Mindstamp videos render on the domain of your choice. This is especially important for any clients who have to adhere to strict brand-recognition guidelines.

Social Sharing Preview

When sharing a Mindstamp video directly, you’ll want to be sure the information communicated is as clear and brand-reinforcing as possible.

On the new sharing screen, we provide you with a quick preview card of what your social sharing experience will look like. This includes the thumbnail, title, and share message. You can configure the thumbnail in the video’s Design settings, and you can configure the video title + share message in a video's general settings - both accessible from the editor.

With only a few clicks, you can be sure the shared asset is as powerful as possible to maximize engagement with your interactive video.

Coming Soon

Looking for a certain feature or ability? Tell us by taking this short survey.

We always have a healthy backlog of new features and functionalities underway!

  • Expert Services Team: Don’t have the time or resources to create the interactive experience you’re looking for? Need additional services like pre/post production work, animation creation, or custom landing pages? With the newly launched Mindstamp Services Team, you’re able to leave your project in the hands of interactive experts, experienced talent, and seasoned marketing professionals to build the most effective experience possible. Contact the Mindstamp Expert Services Team today and set innovation on autopilot.

  • Custom Zapier ‘Zap’: Mindstamp’s custom Zap is now in beta! If you’re interested in using it, let us know. Zapier allows you to connect Mindstamp to thousands of applications, from CRM platforms and marketing tools to business productivity apps. Explore all the ways your view data and interaction events could be leveraged by checking out Zapier today.

  • More Reporting: Want new ways to visualize your interactive data? We do too! We’re doubling down on letting you analyze your data to see trends, create insights, and create the most powerful and effective interactive video experiences possible.


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Closing Thoughts

Mindstamp continues to grow and serve a variety of customers and use cases. We're more confident than ever in the value of interactive video and are excited to continue to improve the product for you.

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