December 2020 Newsletter

Introducing dynamic variables, enhanced design controls, moveable text, and more!

Happy December! 🎄  Can you believe the year is almost over?

New Features

Dynamic Variables

With dynamic variables, you can now store question responses along with button, hotspot or image clicks as variables for use later on in your video.

If you ask “What’s your job title?” and enter a variable name of “job”, you can then add {{job}} into subsequent interactions and your viewer’s original answer will automatically be substituted in.

These variables can also be passed in via URL to programatically create dynamic experiences. Variables can be used in all interactions (buttons, hotspots, questions, click-actions, etc.)

If this interests you, please get in touch with us for a demo!

Enhanced Design Controls

With a recent update, Mindstamp now supports even more design control for your videos. Change the colors, logo, page background color, button + text styles, comment styles, fonts and more to create a perfect experience every time.

You can configure design templates at the Account or Group level that will automatically apply to every video, or customize each video individually. Try it out by clicking the “Design” button on a video, Group, or in your Account settings.

Moveable Text

Simple, quick comments were the first Mindstamp interaction and they remain popular today. However, you can now place, resize, and style the text as you please!

Click the “Add Text” button in the interaction bar and make it look exactly as you’d like! Further, these moveable text elements support all of the same Mindstamp actions like Open Link, Collect Response, Open Image and more.

Interaction List

You can now view a raw list of all viewer interactions for your account, a video, or a viewer. Click the “all interactions” tab from your dashboard or the reporting pages to view your incoming activity in real time.

Coming Soon

Looking for a certain feature or ability? Tell us by taking this short survey.

We're working on a few things right now that we're excited to share with you:

  • Conditional Logic: With a few clicks you can control which of your interactions display based on parameters you either pass into the video, actions your viewers take during the video or answers they provide to questions. Combined with personalization and dynamic variables, conditional logic gives you enormous power to control the viewer’s experience, A/B test interaction setups and fully optimize your video
  • Webhook Enhancements: In addition to a Webhook for each viewer play, you will be able to trigger Webhooks as a new Mindstamp action based on button, image or hotspot clicks or answers to questions. Use a platform like Zapier to immediately trigger off platform events based on the video action.
  • Salesforce Integration: Extending on our HubSpot CRM integration you can now configure all views and interaction events to update Salesforce leads or contacts and trigger tasks, actions and workflows in Salesforce to drive marketing and sales activities. Contact us to be shortlisted for this integration.


New Case Study: Creating a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Interactive Video Experience

The Count’s Den, a theater collective based in Los Angeles, created an interactive “choose-your-own-adventure” horror experience by linking 140+ videos together.

At the end of each, they allowed the viewer to choose what happens next by clicking on a Hotspot to advance to the next video.

"With hundreds of scenes and dozens of potential viewer paths, we needed a solution that made it easy to upload, manage and connect videos with hotspots to create our choose-your-own-adventure video experience. Mindstamp was the perfect solution."
- Rachel Adams


Closing Thoughts

Mindstamp continues to grow and serve a variety of customers and use cases. We're more confident than ever in the value of interactive video and are excited to continue to improve the product for you.

If you’d like to contribute to our roadmap in the coming months, please let us know by taking this brief survey to tell us how you use Mindstamp and what you hope to achieve. If you have further questions, you can contact us.

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