Add Dynamic Navigation Controls to Any Video

Create dynamic branching experiences, make sure viewers are participating, and route viewers to specific content based on interest, previous interactions, preferences, and more using the Navigation interaction. 

Put your viewers in the driver's seat of a personalized, intelligent video experience that changes based on input. 

Continue reading to see how the Navigation interaction is a gamechanger for your Sales, Marketing, Corporate Training, or educational content!

What navigation capabilities are available?

Pause Video
This allows you to stop the experience at a specific moment for a predetermined amount of time, or until the viewer clicks on an on-screen interaction
Change Video Time
Use this to automatically change the time in-video for either all or specific users.
Switch Video (Branching)
Choose a point in-video where all or specific users will be redirected to another piece of content.
Set Variable
Set a dynamic variable value for use in interactions and conditional logic

Choose which viewers go where by using Navigation and Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic allows you to show specific interactions to specific users, based on previous answer choices or known attributes (name, grade, etc). By using Conditional Logic with Navigation, you’re able to automatically reroute users who answered questions a certain way. For example, if a student answers a question incorrectly, you can use the Navigation interaction to route them to additional training before they continue the core content. You can also use Navigation to send qualified leads to buying CTA’s!

Automatically pause on-screen content so that users have to make a decision

Ensure viewers are participating by pausing the experience until a decision has been made. Let’s use a Customer Service training video for example. On screen, you’ve got an “upset customer” who’s filing a complaint. The trainee is then presented with 2 possible “reaction” buttons - one correct and one incorrect. To avoid a trainee simply skipping this content, use a navigation to pause the video until a button is clicked. This ensures that your team is ready for on-the-floor execution! 

Skip unnecessary or expired content and save yourself the trouble of editing and re-uploading

Use the Navigation interaction to “future-proof” your video materials. Have a portion of your video that’s got expired information in it? Instead of scrapping the content and re-recording, simply use the navigation interaction to bypass irrelevant content. Video production is expensive - the more you can maximize your existing material, the better! 

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