Why is my video blurry? How does adaptive streaming work?

Mindstamp uses an adaptive streaming format called HTTP Live Streaming, or HLS. This format creates many versions of a video and automatically serves the highest quality possible to each viewer based on their internet speed and device without buffering. 

Similar to Youtube, a viewer on a slower connection might see a less-than-perfect picture for a short period of time while their internet struggles to load higher quality versions, but the highest version possible will quickly be reached.

Mindstamp gives you the option to use this adaptive HLS format or not If perfect quality is of utmost importance to you, we would suggest using the “Use Original Video File” checkbox when uploading a video rather than the default “Optimize for Playback Consistency”. Please note that using the original video file can lead to buffering for any viewer that does not have a fast enough connection to load the full high-quality file.