Why can't my video go fullscreen?

In some cases, your viewers may want to experience your videos in fullscreen; however, there are two scenarios where a video is unable to go fullscreen. It’s important to take these into consideration as you are building your Mindstamp videos and preparing to share them with your audience.

Limited iFrame Embeds for Fullscreen

Embedding videos onto your site allows you to take your videos to the next level by incorporating interactive features that can be added to your pre-existing videos using Mindstamp. We offer a variety of options for sharing your video, but the preferred method to ensure you're providing the best user experience and receiving the best data from your website viewers is to embed directly on your site using Mindstamp’s third-party hosting site.

Some site builders, such as Wix, explicitly do not allow embedded iFrames to take over the fullscreen. If you are experiencing these issues, we suggest you contact the company to ask about allowing fullscreen on iFrame embeds. Feel free to loop us in (hello@mindstamp.io) so we can provide technical details if needed.

iOS Devices: iPhone and iPad

Mobile video watching is quickly increasing as there are expected to be 205 million smartphone video viewers in the US by 2022. This means that it’s critical for videos to be optimized for mobile usage.

However, Apple does not allow the browser to take over the fullscreen on iOS devices. Normally, Apple 'takes over' and plays videos through the native iOS player to provide a unified experience across many websites and applications. However, this native player does not support any of the interactivity that MIndstamp provides and therefore cannot be used. We understand that this is frustrating, especially since there are more than 113 million iPhone users in the US.  We greatly look forward to a resolution from Apple in due time.

To learn more about publishing your interactive videos with Mindstamp, schedule a free demo or visit our website.