Why can’t I download my Mindstamp videos?

The short answer is that interactive video is built differently! Traditional video files allow you to download them, view them offline, and upload them to hosting sites like YouTube or social sites like Instagram. This is possible because traditional videos are, in a sense, “one-dimensional.” They offer playback but don’t capture data, aren’t capable of letting the viewer choose the next move, don’t support in-video calls-to-action, and don’t include dynamic personalization tailored to each individual viewer.

Mindstamp videos, on the other hand, are nonlinear, multifaceted experiences that promote clickable engagement, collect real-time analytics, change based on user choices, and use personalization to feel “handmade” for each viewer. Whether your Mindstamp video is saving answers to in-video questions, welcoming viewers back by name, or empowering your viewer to make a decision at a “fork in the road,” our evolved version of runtime uses internet connectivity to your advantage.

While these capabilities make interactive video the obvious choice for your digital library, it does mean that they require an active internet connection, meaning they can’t be saved for offline use or uploaded to other platforms. So if you can’t download Mindstamp videos, how are you supposed to share them? Don’t worry - our convenient in-app share menu has you covered.

How do I share my Mindstamp video?

Sharing your Mindstamp video is easy!

Step 1: From your Mindstamp dashboard click Videos to locate the video you’d like to embed. Then click “Open Video.”

Step 2: The next step is to publish your Mindstamp video. Only published content will ever be viewable by your audience. Click the “Publish” button on the right-hand side of the video editing screen to publish your interactive video.

Step 3: From the video editing screen click on the “Share button” also located on the right-hand side of the video editing screen. Here, you’ll be directed to your share settings.

Step 4: Within the share tab you’ll see a number of different ways to distribute your Mindstamp content.

Below are the different ways you can share your Mindstamp interactive videos:

  • Copy Share Link: One-click copying the share link and sending it directly, or including it in your automated outbound email communications. Make sure to check out our brand consistency tools to learn how to customize your URL!
  • Copy Embed Code: One-click copying the iFrame embed code to integrate Mindstamp content into your own websites, landing pages, or learning management systems.
  • Invite Viewers: Invite select viewers directly by sending an invitation to their email point-of-contact.
  • Pop-out Embed
  • Generating a QR code that directs viewers to your interactive experience.
  • Social Sharing Previews: Sharing “Social Sharing Previews'' of your Mindstamp video to your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn! While interactive content can’t be uploaded and experienced natively, viewers can click on the social sharing preview (seen on the left side of the above image) and be automatically redirected to the video. Why let the social media giants take all your valuable analytics? Mindstamps Social Sharing Previews put you in control of your content.

With numerous sharing options, powerful interactive elements, and well-trained customer support agents behind you, there’s never been a better time to get started. Start your free trial of Mindstamp.