What kind of videos can I use in Mindstamp?

Video Compatibility

Mindstamp works with many different video types and sources. We can host your video files for you, or leverage third-party services such as Vimeo or Dropbox to use your existing content in the Mindstamp player.

Accepted Video Sources

MP4 Links

You can use any publicly-accessible MP4 file link in Mindstamp. This link could point to Dropbox, Amazon S3, your own cloud storage site, or elsewhere. As long as it points to an MP4 file, you can use it! Please note that Google Drive does not provide direct file links and therefore cannot be used.

Direct File Upload

You can upload your videos directly to Mindstamp, where we host them for use in the interactive player. Depending on your preferences, we can transcode these videos into industry-leading HLS format to be optimized for all browsers, devices, and internet connections.

Vimeo Links

If you have a Vimeo Pro or Business account, you can simply copy a direct file link from your Vimeo account and drop it into Mindstamp. You can see how to find the direct file links in this article. We strongly recommend Vimeo as a hosting provider due to their quality, pricing, and overall stability.

Wistia Links

Many businesses use Wistia to host their video content. We happily integrate with them to allow you to use your existing content in Mindstamp. Simply copy any public video share link into Mindstamp and you will be off to the races. Please note that autoplay must be disabled on the Wistia side in order to work correctly in Mindstamp.

Youtube Links

Youtube is the center of the video content universe. You can easily use Youtube links in the Mindstamp player by simply dropping the links into Mindstamp. Please note that ads, related videos, and other Youtube  artifacts will still be shown and are out of our control. We recommend using Vimeo if the highest quality is what you are after.

Kaltura Links

Kaltura is an enterprise video platform that offers links to use customer videos in other players. You can use Kaltura videos in Mindstamp by copying the embed code of any video and dropping it into Mindstamp.

Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Other Links

Any public video file link from services like Dropbox or S3 will be accepted in the Mindstamp player. Please review the accepted formats below to learn what kind of video files can be played.

Accepted Video Formats


MP4 is the most common and universally compatible video format on the web today. We recommend using an MP4 file when you want the highest quality for all viewers. Please note that large file sizes may incur buffering on slower connections - click here to learn how to compress your videos for better playback.

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)

HLS is a new streaming technology that delivers a consistent playback experience across browsers, devices, and internet connections. We recommend using HLS when you are interested in playback consistency rather than quality. Please see this article on the difference between HLS and MP4 for more technical information.