What does it mean to publish a video?

When a video is first added to Mindstamp, it sits in an unpublished state to allow you to add interactions, change the design and generally work without it being visible to viewers. In its unpublished state, only people who have access to edit the Mindstamp video are able to view it. 

Mindstamp video settings available when editing a video.

Once you’ve added all of your interactions and are ready to share your video with your audience, be sure you have published the video so your viewers can see it. To publish your video, simply select ‘Publish’ from the menu on the right side of the Mindstamp editor.

Be sure to remember to publish any videos you’ve linked to using the ‘Change Video’ Mindstamp action to ensure that viewers are able to access all videos that they are directed to within your video interactions. You don’t want a viewer to select a button to watch a different video to only not be able to access the content.

You are also able to unpublish videos if you want to be sure they will no longer be viewable or if you want to make some changes. To unpublish a live video, select the ‘More’ button on the right side menu and then select ‘Unpublish’. This will remove access to the video for all viewers.

Sharing Your Published Videos

Once your video is published, you are able to share it with your audience. There are a variety of different ways to share your published video including sharing it directly with a link or even embed your video on your website. You can also share your video via social media or with a generated QR code. However you decide to share your videos, you need to first ensure that it’s published.

To learn more about publishing your interactive videos with Mindstamp, schedule a free demo or visit our website.