What are common uses of Personalization and variables?

Variables can either be passed in by URL or collected from a viewer during the video. So if you already know information about your viewer (their name, a recent purchase, their interests) you can pass those into the video and use them throughout the video such that your viewer feels the video has been created explicitly for them. Common uses might be:

  1. Greeting the viewer by name or company name
  2. Thanking them for a recent purchase
  3. Providing a buy-now button for a product they’ve purchased before
  4. Showing images associated with their interests

Likewise, you can collect variables based on the actions of your viewers during the video. Simple examples would be collecting their response to a question, which button they clicked on, or which product they interacted with via a hotspot. Common uses might be asking them about their interests and then sharing information back about that topic. For instance, you could ask a viewer what interests them most with a multiple choice question and based on their response use the variable to link them to the appropriate part of your website.

Learn more about how to use variables here.

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