My change video function isn't working. Why?

Having trouble using the ‘Change Video’ function?

If you are having trouble using the ‘Change Video’ function, please be sure each video you are attempting to change to is published before sharing the video with viewers or attempting to see the change video experience in Preview mode.

Also please note that changing a video to a YouTube video can often create problems. We recommend uploading videos directly to Mindstamp or hosting with a third party such as Vimeo or on your own Dropbox account to ensure the Change Video works seamlessly.

What is the 'Change Video' function?

With various Mindstamp interactive features such as buttons and hotspots, you’re able to assign actions that determine what happens when a viewer clicks on that interactive element. 

One option includes switching viewers to another video with the ‘Change Video’ function by clicking an interactive element to create branching or choose-your-own-story video experiences.“Branching” is an interactive element that can be added to videos to help make the experience more personalized for the viewer. With branching videos, users are able to choose their own viewing path based on the feedback they provide in the video itself. The ‘Change Video’ function gives users the ability to navigate to other Mindstamp videos and therefore “choose their own adventure.”

Here’s how you set up the ‘Change Video’ action into your videos using the Mindstamp interactive video platform: 

Step 1: To start adding interactive features to your videos, upload or link your existing video to Mindstamp’s interactive video platform. Check out this tutorial for more information on how to upload your video to Mindstamp.

Step 2: Click ‘Add Button’ from the bottom* menu and enter your label text, to provide your viewers with an option of what additional content they have the opportunity to see. In this instance, we’ll use “Learn More About Marketing.”

Step 3: To have viewers be taken to a different video entirely, click on the 'Click Action' menu option and choose 'Switch Video.' Then under ‘Video To Switch To,’ select one of the videos you have already uploaded to Mindstamp. 

*Branching can also be completed by using the hotspot, image, or text feature depending on what interactive feature makes the most sense for your video. For each feature, you’ll adjust the ‘Click Action’ as outlined in step three.

Learn More About Mindstamp’s Features 

Mindstamp has a whole bunch of interactive features, including hotspots, personalization, questions, dynamic navigation, and more. Request a demo with one of our Mindstamp experts to get an idea of all the different ways you can edit your video to be more interactive and engaging.