How to view interactive video data analytics and reports

Data analytics and reports have always been an incredibly useful asset to any marketing strategy. Leveraging data received from your contacts can ultimately allow you to improve your strategy since data-driven marketing is known to increase ROI, with campaigns that use data-driven personalization reporting 5-8x ROI for their campaign spend. With interactive videos, gathering data from landing pages and business interactions is no longer the only option for marketers. 

The difference between interactive video and traditional forms of video is your ability to engage with your audience, by asking each viewer to input their name, select a topic of interest, or answer a question, to name a few options. The level of engagement you can achieve through interactive videos also allows you to collect valuable information from your viewers and gain insight into your audience and how your content is performing.

Mindstamp is an interactive video platform that provides users with rich video data analytics and reporting capabilities that make analyzing interactions simple. Every time a Mindstamp video is played, a detailed report is generated showing exactly how the viewer engaged with your video. This report includes information such as time watched, viewer interactions, captured information, and more. There are various reports available depending on how you’d like to view the data including video and viewer reports and question summaries. Video reports allow you to see all plays and aggregate data for a specific video while viewer reports give you a breakdown for a specific viewer. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can access data reports generated by Mindstamp:

Login to your Mindstamp account and navigate to the ‘Videos’ tab in the top navigation bar. 

Next, you’ll need to determine which video you’d like to see a report for. Click on the selected video and click ‘View Reporting’.

Once you are on the report page, you’ll be able to see data for the views, interactions, and questions for each viewer.

Under the ‘Views’ tab you can view data such as the viewer’s name, time watched, the number of interactions, participation %, correctness %, and how many days ago the video was viewed. 

The ‘Interactions’ tab breaks down each interaction based on the viewer based on the prompt type, prompt content, interaction type, and interaction content. 

The ‘Questions’ tab provides you with a summary of responses and data visualization of these responses captured during the video. 

If you’d like to download any of this data as a CSV file, click the ‘Download CSV’ button on either the ‘Views’ or ‘Interactions’ sections. 

You also have the ability to integrate the data into a CRM like HubSpot or Salesforce. This allows you to have real-time data at your fingertips at all times and ensure that you’re taking advantage of all the data insights from your interactive videos. Mindstamp offers integration for various integration platforms, learn more about which integrations are available and how you can start leveraging them

Leverage your data further with Mindstamp

While analyzing this data is a first great step into improving your video marketing strategy, there are ways to further leverage your data with Mindstamp. One of the easiest ways to use your collected data is to integrate it directly into your videos to create dynamic content. Dynamic video content allows you to personalize the video experience for viewers, whether that’s through personalized navigation, text-based personalization, or conditional logic. Mindstamp allows you to collect data from viewers through interactions or viewer info capture and then implement that data into your videos to create a more personalized experience, which is critical in today’s digital space.  


With Mindstamp, you can easily review your data through summaries and in-depth reports that will ultimately lead to more insightful decisions and the opportunity for personalized experiences. To learn more about adding interactive elements to your website using Mindstamp and benefiting from data reports, schedule a free demo or visit our website to learn more!