How to Use Clickable Video Buttons on Mindstamp

Mindstamp allows users of any skill level to create engaging and memorable interactive videos. There are 8 primary interactions (Drawings, Images, Buttons, Questions, Hotspots, HTML Text, Navigation & Branching, Multimedia) that make creating an interactive video possible, the third of which is called the “Button.” Buttons follow Mindstamp’s pattern of Drag & Drop simplicity and are an excellent way to bring your videos to life. If you’ve ever wanted to add a button to your sales, marketing, training, educational or communications video, Mindstamp Buttons make it simple.

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  1. Button tutorial
  2. How to add buttons
  3. Understanding your button settings
  4. How to design your buttons
  5. Button use-cases

Continue reading to find out how the button can work for you! You can also watch a video tutorial:

Button Configuration 

Button configuration Mindstamp settings

Once you click on “Add Button” on the Mindstamp interactive video toolbar, you’ll see a button show up on the screen and be met with some helpful configuration options. On the main video screen, simply click and drag to position or resize the button. Using the tools on the right, you can choose exactly how long the button stays on the screen, adjust the font size, rotate the button, assign action to buttons, and more. As a reminder, assigning action to buttons sets what happens when a viewer clicks on the button. These options include: 

  • Open a website link by clicking the button, for instance to a product page or contact form
  • Changing time in the video by clicking a button to support dynamic, viewer navigation
  • Switch to another video by clicking a button to create branching and choose-your-own-story video experiences
  • Show a message when your viewer clicks a button in your interactive video to communicate more information
  • Open an image on the button click, for instance to show an infographic or product specification
  • Collect a response when a button is pressed based on a prompt for feedback or viewer information
  • Track and Continue on button clicks, which is useful if you’re just doing a quick poll to gauge viewer interest or setting a variable to use later
  • Play a video clip on top of your original video when the viewer clicks a button to create ‘jump out’ multimedia experiences
  • Play an audio clip when on the click of a button to share more information
  • Start an email by pressing a button to kick off a communication
  • Automatically place a call when a button is pressed on mobile devices
  • Open a Modal link when a button is pressed which will open a website within a frame in the video itself

Using buttons in interactive video is supported on PC, Mac, Android, Apple, etc.

That means our interactive videos work on phones, tablets, computers, and trade-show displays! This versatility allows for businesses and organizations far and wide to benefit from adding a button to video. Some examples include:

  • Marketing teams use interactive video to make their video content stand out 
  • Sales teams use interactive video to create interactive presentations that engage viewers and drive results
  • Universities use interactive video to ensure content comprehension and understanding
  • Schools use interactive video to get students involved 
  • Corporate Training uses interactive video to grab and keep attention
  • Nonprofits use interactive video to increase awareness and sponsorship
  • Museums use interactive video to create guided tours 
  • E-commerce sites use interactive videos to boost click-through rate and boost sell-through rate with interactive video
  • Real estate agents use interactive video to prequalify clients 

As you can see, there are tons of ways you could use the click actions to boost your video’s performance. Once you’ve selected your Click Action and configured the button appropriately, it’s time to design your button! 

Button Design

Access the “Design” settings in a Mindstamp video by clicking the Design button on the right side of the screen:

Button design settings on Mindstamp
Specific design settings available for buttons on Mindstamp

There are many ways you can customize a button in video within the “Design” settings. You can change the text, background, and border color by choosing from our convenient color wheel, or by entering your own color code! You can match branding perfectly in your interactive video for brand recognition. Transparency can be adjusted using the “A” field in the image above, and you can even choose whether or not you want a rounded or rectangular button. 

Custom font capabilities available on Mindstamp
Button interaction transition settings available on Mindstamp

Additional button settings, such as button font and custom transitions, can be adjusted in Branding and General Styling, respectively. Now that your button looks the way you want it to, let’s talk about how this interaction can drive results in your video. 

Button Use-Cases

There are many ways that the Button can supercharge your video content. Below are only some of the examples we’ve seen. Remember, the power of interactivity happens when you’re in the driver's seat! 

  • Adding a “Contact Me” button for a Real Estate agent, Class instructor, or Customer Service representative
  • Adding a “Buy Now!” button on a shoppable video
  • Adding a “Donate Now” button on a charities promotional video
  • Using buttons to create an interactive tour 
  • Using buttons to create a “Choose your own story” branching experience
  • Showing a “Get Help” button to students or customers who answer questions a certain way (Conditional Logic
  • Adding a “Learn More” button that pops out an image of an infographic or product spec when pressed
  • Adding a “Hear it” button that plays audio in a language-learning video
  • Adding an RSVP button for digital invitations
  • Adding a “Get Certificate” button on e-learning material
  • Adding an “Explain it” button that plays a quick pop-up video

and so much more…

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to the button. We can’t wait to see how you maximize the potential of your videos with this powerful interaction. 

Happy innovating, 

The Mindstamp Team

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